[Announcement] Launch of NEARWEEKEND - Video Livestream on Discord


NEARWEEKEND is a new initiative, arising from NEARWEEK, seeking to inform both experienced users and beginners about recent updates and news from the ecosystem.
This weekly vodcast wants to celebrate the week in NEAR by performing interviews and entertainment with great diversity of content.

We communicate content in a visual form that will bring the newsflow to a level where everybody can grasp it.
We deliver highly topical content by highlighting interesting characters through interviews, new trends and promoting events.

NEARWEEKEND is a showcase for enthusiasts, founders, developers, creators, community members and contributors. We believe in decentralization and transparency. We will balance our content between general observations to specific niches creation a communication bridge between the near blockchain, cross-chains and the outside world. We are on a mission to humanize and demystifying the NEARverse.

Upcoming Plans:
Weekly Livestream as a community-service on NEARWEEKS Discord (see link bottom)

1.Episode with Riqi from Paras: (Confirmed - 15/10/2021 - 13pm UTC - 13:30pm UTC)

Subjects regarding:
Riqis personal journey founding Paras
Recent updates from the platform
Reflections on the development of the DNA within adoption of users/creators. Balance between crypto / non-crypto users.

All episodes will be taped for future use.

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