[Announcement] FOR Creating a Regional DAO in CAMERON

We are going to creat a regional dao separately, then reggaedao will be the sub dao.
Than the Cameroon Artist Guild will be the regional. So is going to be a great move ahead and with a rapid increase of members onboarding,.
One community can be NFT focused and one can be focused on dev activities.
Also… While one community is focused on education community activities another community can be focused on doing doing Hackathons…

As long as there goals and verticals are different then they are good .


Thanks for having this great thoughts.

Please follow the procedure in this document to give a propose introduction of your community.

Thanks, thanks

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Thanks very much rain supporting my vision, and also would love to DM you on telegram can you send me your Link?

Looking forward to do…

But please kindly follow the link @IgbozeIsrael replied to you with as that is the first step in the process for the launch Near Cameroon

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Few questions and thoughts;

  • What is the relationship between the new Regional DAO leadership and Reggaedao?
  • Are you intending to request funding for both?

I am wary of people adapting to meet the new funding avenues in ways that were not intended. Few things to consider:

  • People can be part of multiple communities simultaneously.
  • Cameron Artist Guild, I’m my opinion, would still be a Creative Guild, not a regional one.
  • Regional guilds have a broader mandate to unleash growth in the region, however they may see fit given the local landscape. There is a strong expectation that regional Guilds would have a Strong technical and educational component: regional guilds must be made up of collectives pushing NEAR’s technology to the limit to create without limits in that region.

As I’ve outlined in many responses to regional guilds and drafted in several documents regarding RC DAO - this may include a range of activities including hosting Meetups, technical workshops, partnerships with Innovation programs at universities, onboarding projects from other ecosystems (BOS), onboarding web2 companies to web3, organising hacker houses, etc.

Due to the high expectation on Regional Guilds, I would encourage everyone begin work with their local community and formalise the ‘Guild’ as they are able to show they are getting good results.

Remuneration is available to acknowledge that in order to succeed there would be a Significant workload involved AND that the right leaders require a very specific set of experience and skills

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Greetings, and also thanks for the clarification or quation.

The relationship between the new Regional DAO leadership and Reggaedao is:- reggaedao Founder is from Cameroon.
And with the lots of Artist in CAMEROON who don’t really know more about Near Protocol.
Reggaedao live Event in cameron has educate some of them by @Jahzonemusician

So we decided to open a sub DAO as a Rigional Activities or DAO.

Thanks for the Advice we have people who have the skills or what it takes to be a Councilor.
The New regional dao Councils are All Cameroonian,…

Yes both of them have Activities that needs to be Funded.

Please not clear let me know thanks

Follow the right proceedure to making an introduction of your team and Regional Community.

Be sure to know that new communities have to show a traction of activities for two to three months before qualifying for funding.

We will start from there.