[Announcement] Access Leveraged Yield Farming Capabilities on NEAR Protocol — PembRock Finance

We are excited to announce that PembRock Finance — the first leveraged yield farming platform on NEAR Protocol — has gone live!

We have gone from idea to launch in just six months, and despite the drop in the crypto market, the awesome NEAR Community has kept us on the course, engaging with our ideas, investing in our native PEM token, and providing valuable feedback at the testing stage.

Try it now on the NEAR mainnet.

With the full release of our product:

  • Lenders can access stable and secure returns.
  • Yield farmers can leverage their existing holdings by up to 3x for greater returns in just a few clicks!
  • Early adopters can gain extra rewards through our incentivization programs.

PembRock is first and foremost a community project, which is why we take into account all feedback, provide complete transparency of our functions, and will keep working to become the most user-friendly leveraged yield platform on the market.

PembRock Finance operates with a sleek interface and does away with the confusion and difficulties you may have encountered when yield farming with other projects. For any questions you’d like to ask or feedback you’d like to share, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Learn more about PembRock and leveraged yield farming in general by joining our growing online community on Telegram, Discord, and Twitter!

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Already tried. Look good. And the rates are also good. Good luck to you!

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