Abraham Rivv | Monthly report (FEB) - Ambassador Program

Meta Pool on Mexico and Latam during February, 2024.

I’m glad to announce the activities made by Meta Pool on Mexico and Latam during the last month.

Report Summary:

During this month, I focused on creating engaging content related to the top priorities of Meta Pool on platform X, LinkedIn and in my newsletter DIGITALIZADOS.

I also organized and participated in a 3 spaces in X solving doubts and promoting the proposals of the Meta Pool Grants 6.

And I organized a successful meetup related to Meta Pool with 7 attendees.

Newsletter Posts:

  1. Announcing Solana’s launch on Meta Pool and incentivizing new stakers.

  2. I announced my proposal in the Meta Pool grants and incentivized users to vote using their voting power.

  3. I announced the Meta Pool meet-up in Monterrey and generated a registration for the meet-up attendees.

  4. Announcement that Meta Pool listed mpETH on CoinGecko.

These newsletter posts collectively garnered a total of 441 readers with and more than 2,300 views and 5% CTR

Content Amplification:

Additionally, the articles were amplified across X platform, Hey and LinkedIn.

Platform X Activities:

unique content pieces were shared on Platform X and LinkedIn, specifically focusing on Meta Pool and its key interests. These posts collectively accumulated +7690 views, showcasing a high level of engagement and interaction.

Collaborative Spaces:

An exclusive ‘space’ was organized on Platform X, featuring a discussion with the Meta Pool team about the LATAM proposals in the Meta Pool’s Grants.

The event attracted a total of 340 participants. This comprised 340 live listeners across 1 hour and 38 minutes, along with 15 replays of the recording.

And another space with The African Community talking about how to use mpGrants to fund web3 initiatives and a X space with Francisco promoting the Latam proposals in the grant.

Meta Pool Meet Up in Monterrey

Upcoming Initiative:

In case my proposal is funded in the Meta Pool grants, my plan for the next few months will be to execute it perfectly.

Meta Pool is growing in Mexico and Latam

During this month we are happy to announce the following numbers.

  • [ +340 ] # of attendees to AMA’s
  • [ +7690 ] # Views in X, Hey and LinkedIn
  • [ 441 ] Unique readers