About the NFT Onboarding category

NFT Onboarding SputnikDAO aka NFT Social Club. More info on how to submit a proposal! Council: @starpause, @whatshertoes, @iotachan.

Hackathon Checkpoints:

  • Idea (10N): Form post describing what you want to do, min 500 words.
  • Pitch Deck Slides (20N): Flesh out your idea, starting with the 10 Slides Kawasaki template. This will help you win support for your project from users, team mates, and investors. Include measurable goals, a realistic timeline, and your next steps.
  • Video Presentation (30N): Share your enthusiasm and talk us through your pitch deck!
  • Proof of Concept (40N): Live deliverable that demonstrates the feasibility of your project. This could be a github repo with working software, UX wireframes for a user journey through your application, or actual creative output.


  • Create a forum post with your idea following the [Proposal] - Hackathon Template.
  • Create a vote proposal at SputnikDAO for the appropriate amount (#s above).
  • Update your forum post with a link to the SputnikDAO proposal.
  • You don’t need to wait for the SputnikDAO proposal to go through before starting on the next step of your concept. If you are waiting for feedback you can send a DM to one of the council members.

Hackathon checkpoints were introduced at the #CreatorsandCommunities 2021. Onboarding efforts are never over so we will honor participation even outside of hackathon dates. Looking forward to your creative proposals!

Hearts and health from your NFT Social Club Onboarding DAO Council Members: @starpause, @whatshertoes, @iotachan