A Proposal for my first Offical EP “EDEN”

Greetings to y’all Fam

It is with great delight that I share with my C1 guild Near community family and the entire web3 ecosystem my first official project that i have been quietly building and working on, I have been working on a first of its kind 3 songs EP, this EP is unique because it’s a story like EP that continuous on the second song which is a remix of the first.
The third song titled “Omoh” is going to be used to create a TikTok challenge, and I’ll be featuring some artist in the web3 ecosystem and the C1 guild community after creating a competition for best bars on remix, after production, I also plan to do a live band performance mashup of the first and second songs in one video ( which can become an unlockable for the song audios ) while the third song will in its plans make people who want to do the challenge, upload videos on TikTok which can also be later uploaded on the C1 guild YouTube page and IG page.

This EP in its artistry will cause anyone who buys the first to buy the second and third thereby unlocking the video mash up that will be used as unlockable, I will also perform the song with a live band and aired in the C1 gallery cryptovoxel

EP narration: the 3rd song on the EP with title “OMOH”
( this is a term generally used in Nigeria in good or bad situations, and I’ll be using this word in contexts to describe how it explains our every mood ) this song title and the content of the song can also be easily used to create TikTok and IG challenges as most Nigerians are very conversant with this word and can relate with it just how they too use it.

  1. 1st song titled Black Born ( ALL ON GOD ) on the EP will be written and recorded by me.

  2. 2nd song titled Black culture ( ALL ON GOD ) on the EP will be a continuation of the first recorded song but with a different sound and same storyline but this time I will be featuring 2 artists within the near and web3 ecosystem.

  3. 3rd song on the EP is more of a trend like song with title “Omoh” which is a generally used term, a competition with the best bars for remix will be made, the beat will be saved in a drive created by me and link will be posted in the C1 community telegram and discord group, interested members can get the beat, record his/her own verse on it and the best will be chosen by the me and C1 guild leaders for a remix

  4. I will be doing a live band performance of the first two songs ( in form of a mash up ) with featured artists and the winner of the “Omoh” song competition ( which will be video recorded ) the video will be professionally edited, we can then have the EP on our Mintbase store and in the end whoever buys the songs will unlock the video and also a Merch from our store from our very own @Dedeukwu ( to be shipped to any country in the world )

  5. First two songs will be produced by 1 producer to maintain the sound progression but with modifications on the beat and the 3rd song will be produced by another producer to spread the collaboration on the EP

  6. Art work for the EP will also be done by 1 graphic designer in the C1 community.

Although it is my EP, I plan to make it a team work thereby creating the EP with different creatives and ideas to in a way engage creatives, thereby creating awareness of the EP release to appreciate and to keep on encouraging us all.

This project is expected to take at least 4 weeks for successfully completion and minting and it will also display the love, support and oneness in the web3 ecosystem and the C1 guild community.
To successfully achieve this I will be needing support for:

Liveband/Rehearsals/Performance: $250

Audio production/Mixing/Mastering: $300

TikTok challenge: $150

EP artwork: $100. ( for the 3 songs )

Total = $800 57.80 NEAR.

@Dedeukwu @JCB @chloe


Yo fam, your proposal of first E.P album looks dope but we need some details on how you plan to buy the Merch and ship to whoever purchase the NFTs considering from token prize and shipment cost.

It’s okay to get more details from you and a breakdown of how you intend to spend the $NEAR requested for visibility.


@Dedeukwu the video and Mech will be the unlockable for the first two songs on the EP and the These two songs will be a on-of-one or limited collectors thereby adding value for it and affording the Mech and shipment to whoever Collects it, so whoever buys the NFTs automatically affords it’s Unlockable shipment.

The visibility will be on TikTok, I will be contacting a TikTok influencer to set up a TikTok challenge on the last song “Omoh” this will be uploaded by the C1 TikTok official account which will in a way also create an Ad for the EP, the C1 store and the community at large because whoever goes to collect the song on the C1 Mintbase store will also find the first two songs. I hope this answers your question correctly.


Sounds great, looking forward to the success of this project fam

It’s understandable by me, hoping for approval of this proposal :blush::purple_heart:


Thank you Fam :pray:, looking forward too


This sounds awesome bro !!!
Who love to be part
Especially the Tiktok open Verse challenge ( NxM is starting a tiktok Open Verse Challenge soon, Your song can be featured! )

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@boy_chula great, that’ll be epic bro. Can’t wait to see how dope this idea turns out.

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