A.FREE.CA (African Freedom in Creative Alchemy) March funding Proposal

"Evolving A.C.H (Africa cognitive Hub)
Africa Cognitive Hub (Introduction). to A.FREE.CA (African Freedom In Creative Alchemy)

AFrican Freedom In Creative Alchemy
Our white Paper: AFRICA COGNITIVE HUB WHITEPAPER_20231210_200000_0000.pdf - Google Drive

Our content: A.FREE.CA: Grace, Glory and the Alchemy of Kayne | by African Freedom In Creative Alchemy | Jan, 2024 | Medium

Our plans on NEAR: How we intend to use NEAR - Google Docs

Hello Nearians, My name is Emmanuel known as 6cezer in the governance forum. I have been a member of the C1 guild since 2021 and i have been the official graphic designer of the guild which much of the graphic work done there in reference to my name. Here are some examples as below.

While working for the C1 guild i have gathered so much experience within the web3 space and the NEAR Ecosystem, i have also onboarded many individuals who have taken their time to study the NEAR ecosystem who are graphic designers, UI UX personnel in their own respect

We have taken the time to form our collective and structure the mode of organization and architecture of our operations and the orientation of our content whence we have a direction for which our content…

In the vein of taking our time to study how we can interact with the NEAR Ecosystem have we reached a conclusion of how we can align our mandate, objectives and content with bringing value to the NEAR Ecosystem. Our Proposal is oriented with the expansion of our young community and initiative at large while we onboard more individuals who resonate with our vision. So for a start, we align our proposal towards structuring our project architecture and content delivery and in turn bring value to NEAR by onboarding users who would only interface with our community by using NEAR Blockchain tools like the Sputnik DAO, Blockchain Operating System and NEAR Social

A.FREE.CA stands for African Freedom In Creative Alchemy

  1. Creation of Website for Content Publishing, Craft advertising and Distribution

As can be seen in our article and other content published on social media, we tell stories about AfrIcan individuals who have tuned in to their creative self and manifest their authentic creative essence. We therefore need a website where we can exclusively post our content and generate organic traction with. This is why we need a website, as a central hub to post our content which include articles, video documentaries, product showcase and creative curriculum

We seek to purchase a wordpress template which is structured in the pattern for which our content would be posted and displayed, after which we would secure a domain name and pay for hosting

Wordpress template $60
Domain name acquisition $30
Domain Hosting for 1 year $60

  1. Documentation of Maureen’s project
    Maureen is a dancer and one of Femi Kuti’s stage queens, she is a natural when exhibiting afrobeat rhythms and generic african dance styles… We seek to document her in the project
    (Fire dancing with Maureen: A tale of African genericism); this project is a documentation of how the African fire dance works with Maureen as the subject of the dance. This would be documented as an NFT and advertised on our platforms and also on maureen platform which is already established with her friends, fans and followers.

facebook; Peace Levi Hillary

Renting camera equipments $100
Editing and directing personnel $100
NFT Minting and social media promotion $50…

We seek to create this content and use it as a way of publishing on our platform and attracting more resonant individuals. We would promote this content on our social platforms and use it to gain traction for our initiative

  1. Outreach campaign (Public lecture on how Africans can find self realisation and economic liberation through discovery and nurture of their creative nature

This lecture would be carried out at Badore, Ajah in Lagos state. This region is laden with a lot of creatives who would resonate with our mantra and we are ready to show them that Africa harnessing its creative potential can make it rise up to global economic acclaim and respect. At the same time our team comprising of longtime NEAR erudites like me would handle the crypto education and NEAR onboarding for the prospects

Venue rental $70
Hosting, organising and promotion $100

Our total budget reaches to $670. We look forward to building on NEAR with the support