500 NFT utility token or POAP. Best way

Hello community,

Whats the best way to create 500 NFT utility/POAP

Sartori coust 25 NEAR.

Whats is the best way?
Keypom(only 50, i need 500)

Can someone Help me?
Thanks a Lot




I’d encourage you to check out our product, ShardDog, we can support unlimited amount and it is very low cost (low single digits N). You get a single URL to share which anyone can claim your POAP and even create a new wallet if needed.

https://shard.dog or @sharddog on Twitter.

Reach out with any questions.



I utilize this from RLO and its very handy and very low-cost. Keep up the good work RLO team!

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how can i use this? look like a jpg, without a link

thanks, but how can i use?

You can scroll to the bottom of the page and mint a shard dog NFT even create a wallet if you don’t have one.

If you wanted your own JPEG/PNG you would need to contact @joe-rlo

Good luck!


We setup a custom URL for you with your NFT to mint. (Something like shard.dog/frado or whatever you want). Message us on twitter @ShardDog. We just need a title, description, and image and then we can get it setup for you. You can share your link anywhere you want and when our full platform goes live you’ll have metrics and a way to connect with your holders.

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Hi @joe-rlo how are you?
We can talk about shard dog, tomorrow? :slight_smile: