hI all.

so i’ve been messing around and having a lot of fun with this NEAR TRASH token over the last few weeks.

basically i am creating TRASH ART pieces & collectables on NEAR at both mintbase and paras and supporting it with an uber-meme TRASH token - $nTRASH - which obvs was set up at tkn.farm

activity on paras:

  • i started a series of NEAR TRASH cards in early june and sold the first two at the Roaring - Auctions NEAR auction in Sydney/Telegram. each one came with an award of 1000 $nTRASH

  • then took part in card4card selling 50+ cards of Near Trash #0003

  • card #0004 sold last week

  • next drop is this Friday for card #00005

each buyer gets a distribution of $nTRASH tokens - which i can’t do yet as the functionality isn’t in the wallet and ive heard its a command line trick atm
so instead i’ve distributed placeholder cards on paras to all buyers representing their allocation

at the same time ive minted a couple of TRASH pieces on mintbase - sold one - that also come with $nTRASH


RAINBOW TRASH - mintbase Green NFT

ive deposited some $nTRASH onto ref.finance but not added any near liquidity yet as fully expect it to just get wiped out by holders scalping it.

might try launching it as a meme-trash pool on skyward - but interested to hear if anyone has got any ideas about where to go with it - as at the moment i’m just riding it blindfold

so what am i up to?

decided to get off eth and move to near - after an artist i know told me about it - and wanted to establish a trash movement over here while getting some of the trash og’s interested in near as another outlet for trash creativity. basically setting up another branch of the trash movement - been tweeting heavily about my activities and got a bit of engagement - theres also an account for the token

i heard about the hackathon event this week but obvs missed it completely but wanted to know if i can still get some support for my project if i write it up and submit to forum/DAO?

so long post - TL:DR - two questions:

any advice?
any bounties/support?


$nTRASH - I LIKE THE TOKEN - (not financial advice)