[2021-10-08] Sputnik / Astro Update


Noteable Updates

Sputnik v2



  • Addressing issues marked as Urgent and High in ClickUp before switching astrodao.com over from “Join Waitlist” to “Launch App”
    • :red_circle: Urgent Priority issues are those which could have permeant on chain repercussions. Any data that isn’t lined up with on-chain reality & UX that could cause confusion about the status of transactions.
    • :yellow_circle: High Priority issues are those which will have a significant impact on improving the user experience and enable clean flows through user stories.
    • :large_blue_circle: Normal Priority issues are those which are high impact but are also high effort. They will need to be addressed in the post-public-launch-iteration.
    • Looking to enable the “Golden Path” user story of “Create a proposal to add yourself as a member of the Community DAO” by Oct 11 for the Oct 12 AMA.
  • Integrate Intercom for in-app documentation and human-touch help.


CLI Tool

Upcoming Milestones

  • OCT 12 @starpause and Reid of WE3 speaking about Astro with @ross on a Twitter AMA followed by a 2 hour community conversation Twitter Spaces hosted by GenC.
  • OCT 15 - Collab.Land tipping NEP141 FT in discord (commonly requested feature from Guilds)
  • OCT 18 - DAO Hangout Livestream with @starpause, @Ozymandius, and Aragon organized by @chronear
  • OCT 19 - @illia speaking at The DAOist Conference - 19.10 with @starpause conducting 4 workshops for folks to “Found a DAO and launch a token in under 10 minutes with AstroDAO on NEAR”.
  • OCT 26,27 - NEARCON ALPHA with @starpause speaking on AstroDAO and on a DAO Panel.
  • ??? - Commonwealth.im interface upgrades
  • ??? - DeepDAO integration
  • ??? - DappRadar integration of Astro (v2.sputnik.fund) contracts
  • ??? - NEAR DAO Indexer - PRD underway with the NEAR Data Center and MagicPowered

Great stuff happening!! I can’t wait to get everyone on Astro DAO!

I would love to join you in the DAO hangout and if possible, in the DAOist. Sounds like great DAO learning experience!

Thanks for all the awesome work, we are progressing and moving forward to full adoption and communities on-chain thanks to you! :star_struck:


¡Thanks @starpause for talking about Sputnik DAO CLI! And for the support that your team can bring for this tool.

Congrats for the effort on creating astro DAO, is an awesome Dapp.