[WEEK 7-WEEK 8] (CLOSE) Filipino Artist Guild Art Challenge

“Balot Vendor”
One of the common work of Filipinos here in the Philippines

“Lolong Mambabalot”

In the evening I will go out,
shouting “Balot! Balot!” on both sides,
“Lolo, can I buy?!” Said the woman who looked out the window
With joy, he will come quickly, even if he stumbles

After the steps:
I feel tired, in the depths of the night,
So I sat down and bowed to one side,
Take a deep breath and still smile again.

So you, who look out of your window,
Just in case you see me
Remember with each piece of “Balot” I carry around,
The dream to be successful, may not be deny.



Mangingisdang Businessman

When I was younger I used to be surrounded by everything related to the ocean I was fascinated by it and to add to this the people that babysat me while my mother was busy at work were Fisherfolk.

Some of them even taught me how to swim by throwing me to the deeper part of the shallows,… supervised of course, when I got a little older I would see them go at night to go to their “balsa” a balsa is A raft made of bamboo and used barrels where they put their nets and where they could catch fish and squid at night and hide from the sun during the day.

Every friday night they would go to the balsa and harvest the fishes for the upcoming “tinda” at the public market and sell them for profits to give to their families…

and that’s where I got the inspiration for this drawing.



Ang kyut Ng bawal utang


“Taho Vendor”


I grew up eating this every morning!
Every person alive today can still be moved to a craving for the warm, sweet treat simply by hearing a street vendor calling out “tahooooo!!!” while he plies his everyday route.
When we see Manong on the road, his shoulders yoked with the traditional dual aluminum buckets that have doled out the comforting trio of silken tofu, brown syrup, and sago pearls to generations prior,

What Exactly is Taho?
Composed of tofu, brown sugar syrup, and sago pearls, taho is a staple comfort food that can be found all over the country. Apart from being a cheap (a cup won’t set you back by more than PHP 10 or so) and satisfying snack, it’s also considered to be a great breakfast option, especially since most vendors prepare their goods before dawn.



“Pump Boy”
Also known as Gasoline Boy. Is a worker in a fuel or gasoline station who is responsible for assisting customers by refueling their car engines. My inspiration for this art is my older brother who once work as a gasoline boy. And it’s a tough job and needs a lot of hardwork, dedication, presence of mind and patience for your customers. Salute to all hardworking Filipinos out there.



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Tonyong Tanod and the Golden Batuta

The illustration is an original character, depicting a Barangay Tanod in the future. With an awesome cyberpunk style suit and along with an advance tech. drone capable of search and combat. Plus a golden batuta (with tasing power) that only a worthy Pinoy can wield. :grinning:



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Siomai, is the best Asian food found in Asia . It has lot of variations like pork, beef, shrimp, and shark’s fin siomai. Taste this and you’re in a heaven of siomai because of its flavor. Taste this yummy dish that can never forget.

My address: redneeee.near


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The character is a representation of Pinoy’s diligence and perseverance. This traditional job “Magtataho” walks along the Philippine streets as they call out “Tahooo”. They were most likely seen early in the morning carrying two buckets as they stroll around the streets. Taho is a native delicacy most loved by Filipinos and even foreigners. Thus, a character showcasing pride of Filipinos.

Near wallet address: dopey27.near


I chose this job to preach my mothershe is a vendor. I used to wonder why Mama wasn’t always at home when I was a kid. She spent the entire day outside. Mama had been selling all day, I realized. Breakfast in the morning. she selling ULAM in afternoon and she would cook a snack in the noon example of that is Halo Halo,BananaQ,and turon.She selling Balut in night in order for him to sell all day
He’s been doing this for more than 15 years and never gets tired of selling.
By God’s grace, he will graduate two of my sibbling in colleges. Many thanks to Mama and Papa for their sacrifice.


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i am now closing the week 7-8 art challenge,
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So that’s it.

We’d like to thank all of the Week 7-8 Art Challenge competitors, especially those who placed in the top 6.

The concept is
“A Common Job In the Philippines”.


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We would like to congratulate the winners especially those who follow the Concept and Rules.

The concept’s purity enthralled everyone.

Especially your imagination.

We genuinely admire you since your creativity shines through in all of our weekly tasks.

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