We present the project ARAXLAND — M2E and P2E cryptogame combining AR (augmented reality), blockchain, and NFT technologies

Players in AR mode can catch, raise, procreate and trade creatures (araxes), as well as assemble teams and fight with other players in arenas and tournaments, receiving system tokens as a prize.

The creatures have various characteristics and roles, allowing a player to create different team compositions.

We use the NEAR protocol/Aurora EVM to speed up development and in the future we plan to follow an open source approach and perform functions for the development of the NEAR community.

Train.Catch.Kill.Get Rich.

  • Catching creatures in the real world via AR and turning them into NFTs
  • Creatures of 6 classes with more than 360 000 000 combination options
  • 5 P2E strategies for in-game income (Farmer, Breeder, etc.)
  • System of Battle Arenas, Leagues, and Tournaments with prize money
  • Game quests and missions
  • Passive income for investors from token staking

To create an accessible mobile game for players of all levels. To build an income model based on the trade volume of NFT items among the players. To engage the audience through AR by catching creatures in the real world. To lower the game entry threshold and allow players to start playing without initial payments. To develop a game with high level graphics, a well-developed battle system, quests, and tournaments.

This is a game of creature teams fighting in the arena for prize money.

Moving through the city in the real world, a player catches, or buys in the market, an arax that he/she can breed with other creatures. The new generations of creatures come out stronger than those before them.

Arax possesses a set of skills the quantity of which depends on its generation. Creatures of different breeds have unique appearance and additional skill, giving them advantage in the game.

Depending on its genetic code, an arax receives additional skills and a unique name.

The combination of breeds and skills is significant for victory in a fight. Arena battles are played in team vs. team mode, with a random opponent of an appropriate rating. Elo rating system is used as a measure.

A player does the breeding of araxes, which he/she can sell for crossbreeding or fighting. A player can also put up an arax for breeding and receive rewards from other players for it.

The older the arax, the more powerful are its characteristics and looks. If a player owns a few araxes, he/she can feed one arax to another to level up the latter arax’s strength and skills.

Catching arax.

Players in map mode choose a captured creature and transfer to AR mode. Captured creatures can be used for Battles and Breeding, as well as be sold on the marketplace to other players. Captured street araxes are called “wild” and have pure genetic potential for crossbreeding.

Breeding (crossbreeding).

To breed a new creature, a player needs to choose two desired creatures from his/her collection to participate in the crossbreeding. After making the choice, a player pays for the breeding using soft and hard currency. This results in an egg with a timer for when the creature is to appear.

The selection of creatures for Breeding is carried out according to the genes necessary for gene transfer to the new creature. Genes encode the appearance of each body part and the class as a whole.

Crossbred araxes differ from the wild (captured) because of the presence of parental genes. Arex with complete genotype is an NFT.

A player can fuse two araxes. This pair will have a dominant creature that is being strengthened and a donor, part of whose characteristics will be transferred to the dominant arax. After the fusion, the dominant creature will level up in basic skills and will inherit the skills of the donor.

A player can assemble a fighting team of three araxes from among owned creatures for PvE and PvP modes. A player either considers the strengths and weaknesses of the creatures, creating strong bonds, or sharpens skills by passing a certain level in PvE. By participating in PvE campaigns or winning against other players in PvP, a player earns soft tokens.

Beginner: a newly arrived player is invited to participate in catching creatures through AR mechanics or to buy creatures on the market, thus moving into the category of farmers. Without investment or with minimal investment threshold.

Farmer: this type of players are engaged in purposeful catching of creatures through AR or in completing quests for currency to use for breeding with subsequent sale. Ready to spend time, but not ready to pay.

Breeder: a player catches and buys creatures at the market in order to create interesting breeds or powerful creatures for further resale. Medium threshold for investments of either finances or time.

Collector: a player is focused on assembling a collection of beautiful creatures, paying attention to interesting abilities and appearances. Main activity is browsing the auction in search of interesting creatures. Cherishes his/her collection, ready to sell or buy. High financial investment threshold.

Speculator: a player buys creatures at low prices or buys undervalued creatures for further resale. Constantly browses the auction, finds good options for collectors and breeders.

Arbitrator: players who browse the auction in search of good deals only to relist their items at a higher price. Might possibly use outside marketing strategies to promote their stock.

PvPer: this type of player is focused on global growth and wants to be in the top. Looks for the most powerful creatures and is ready to pay large sums. Participates in arena battles, receiving hard currency and spending it on bets. High threshold for investments of finances and time.

The game has two types of currency tokens: Hard Token (HT) and Soft Token (ST).

Hard Token is created only once during the first token printing and cannot be added.

Soft Token is created in response to players’ activity and has no finite amount.

In addition to these tokens, we create ERC-721 tokens in the system (non-fungible creature tokens) that store data on creatures, as well as on their items.

All tokens may be sold, exchanged or donated among the players for it is their property.

NFT tokens are creatures and items that are not yet bound to creatures.

MVP: Q4 2022
Marketplace: Q4 2022

API: Q1 2023
Dashboard: Q1 2023
Play to earn (Multiplayer Beta): Q1 2023

Guild vs. Guild: Q2 2023
Soft launch: Q2 2023


Matthias Beele - CEO & Founder https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthias-beele-44436665
Igor Demchenko - Producer https://www.linkedin.com/in/igor-demchenko/
Dmitriy Belenkiy - COO

Croco Mobi



Just to be sure, is this being built on NEAR?

Hey David!

Yes, we are planning to do a project on the NEAR protocol, which is why we came to your ecosystem.

We are sure that NEAR is the technology that will allow us to implement everything we want in this game.


Greetings to all members of the community!

I publish our report: what the NEAR Grant money was spent on.

We finished the development of the demo game, it is available here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.croco.arl

At this stage we wanted to show the essence of the game, core gameplay. Something that players will spend 90% of their time in.

In the game, you can play against a bot, with the game distributing abilities (cards) in a pseudo-random way every match.

The game implements:

  • Combat location.
  • Combat logic, direct damage, health, DoT, HoT and AoE mechanics
  • 16 skills (8 on each side)
  • Win-loss logic
  • 8 composite animated creatures of different species. Creatures react to what’s happening on the field by playing different kinds of animations.
  • Basic UI and its animation effects
  • Game Editor: creatures’ positioning on the field, their sizes and characteristics
  • Abilities Editor: effects, stats, damage type, ctr. You can change the settings in real time and see the effect directly on the field.
  • Non-final graphics.

Also, we made

Game website and Gameplay video (links in the next post)

Documents for investors: tokenomics, investment proposal, whitepaper, lightpaper, pitch deck, presentation of the game, project roadmap clarified. If you are a potential investor, feel free to contact us; we will issue all the documents.

At the next stage, we plan to make a full-fledged MVP game, with the full gameplay cycle (catching, breeding, merge), the possibility of creating teams of creatures, as well as add abilities(cards) skills and connect the game to the NEAR protocol.

My heartfelt thanks to Aliaksandr, Evgeny and all Human Guild and NEAR community to believe in the Araxland team and provided the grant for the demo development!
We look forward to seeing you as our early stage investors. Come join us!

Game website: www.araxland.com
Gameplay video: AraxLand - web3 game combining Augmented Reality, blockchain and NFT - YouTube