W3 music quiz on telegram

Young fresh dao community is growing everyday with new members joining our community on telegram, we have a total number of 286 members in our telegram community.
This proposal is to ask for Near funding for a Quiz on Telegram called W3 MUSIC QUIZ, which aims to increase community interaction within the application and share knowledge about decentralised music, music nfts and updates on W3 music .
This quiz will contain 25 questions asked over 10 days and
This is also an effort to attract music lovers around the world so that community members and friends can join in and learn about W3 music and music nfts.

Each corect question earns 0.2 N
Format Trivia everyday
3-2-3-2 (4 days)
3-2-3-2 (4 days)
2-3 (2 days)
Total 25 Trivia Quiz 5 N>

a qusetion can be aswered correctly by 2 people, before it expires, requesting a t 3 n extra, for questions answered by 2 people.
budget : 8n approximate at 50$ incase of price flunctuation
This quiz will be hosted by @Tife for 50$

Total budget : 100$

Engage and grow our telegram community organically

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