UniqArt Twitter Professionals Program

We are looking for 3 Twitter Professionals to contribute to our project to make it more reachable :rocket:

Incentive: $100 in $NEAR Per Month to each selected contributor! :money_mouth_face:

Work Hours: 5+ Hours/Week

Registration Link: https://forms.gle/7H2PhmmgiVXgpXhd7


1 - Minimum 200 Followers on your Twitter account

2 - Minimum 8000+ Impressions In 28 Days

3 - Should have at least 10% of total followers engagement on most of the tweets i.e. at least 20 likes per tweet

You will be preferred if you have,

  • Good knowledge about Blockchain & NFTs in General
  • Applicants having knowledge about NEAR Blockchain already will be highly preferred

I have over 2k followers and willing to work on this project
Also a Blockchain tech expert and a web developer


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I’m interested in the position, I meet all the criteria required
Here’s my Twitter account

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Got this impression on a single post and still counting :blush: