Transition Period For Creatives DAO

Peace Creatives Community! As many of you know, the Creatives DAO is currently undergoing a huge transition as we work to become self sustainable in the midst of ecosystem changes that bring uncertainty around rules/funding systems for various Verticals. We had our First Meeting on this topic on May 9th in which 2 more successful meetings followed (Second, Third).

With these transitions we would like to give an update on some important and timely changes that will be happening within the Creative DAO:


AstroDAO has some awesome upgrades for us that MUST be done by May 25th, otherwise all non upgraded DAO’s will have to create a new DAO entirely. We plan on upgrading the Creatives DAO ON AstroDAO on MONDAY MAY 23RD. This means any outstanding polls will be wiped, so please get your votes in asap and please do not propose any new polls moving forward!

Here is a video walking through the upgrade for those of you who need assistance:

Open Call for New Moderators – Closes Saturday, May 28th

We have an Open Call for New Moderators! It is time to expand our team and begin the next cycle of stewards for the Creatives DAO. We are looking for folks who are specifically dedicated to spending time cultivating a thorough plan for the future of Creatives DAO, specifically making a proposal, a 6mo-1yr roadmap and solid systems for the future self sustainability of Creatives DAO.

Incubation Period

With these changes we have decided to tentatively close the Creatives DAO from any new proposals from new DAOs for 2 months as we collectively decide our path moving forward. At the rapid pace we are moving at, we feel it is in our best interest to pause and deeply consider how to manage and move within the community that already exists. We hope this will open up the space for all community members currently within the Creatives DAO to dedicate some time to our future.


Are there any meeting minutes or can you please provide a summary of what has been discussed in these three meetings? It would be great if anyone could be brought up to date without having to listen to 4 hours of recordings :slight_smile:


@satojandro we do not have minutes for these calls as they are quite open in nature and not necessarily regimented in their structure by design, we do however have a thread where the topics/ideas from these conversations are being documented and discussed:


Greetings @ted.iv
Can you please share the cut off date after which DAOs are considered “new” DAOs? Are there any other qualifying criteria; i.e if a DAO was established in April, has successfully completed the upgrade, but has not submitted a proposal yet, are they still eligible to submit a proposal?
Thanks! :pray:t5:

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Hey @dandelionshoneybees . In this instance, if you have yet to submit a funding proposal to the Creatives DAO, then you are considered a “new dao” in this ecosystem. Hope this helps!

Hi @ted.iv Okay. Thank you for the clarification. I appreciate you getting back to me!

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I was near to create a DAO in Astro DAO and post the intro on the forum. Should I wait and not make any moves or can I do something to speed up the process?


Same situation here… :face_with_monocle:

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