To The Community: A Note on Toxic Maximalism

Hello :wave:

Just a quick note from the Community Team regarding the prevalence of memes, posts, and content that aim to ‘dunk’ on other chains.

A negative attitude toward other chains and protocols is not something that we want to foster within the NEAR Community. Although they may be posted in jest or ‘tongue-in-cheek’, these types of posts can (and in fact have) have ripple effects throughout the entire crypto community.

Each of us here is more than aware of the multi-faceted value proposition of NEAR Protocol whether you’re a developer, community member, or employee. It’s simply not necessary to throw shade toward other communities and projects in the cryptoverse, NEAR stands strong without all that.

In fact, the open, kind, and welcoming community that we’ve all nurtured here together is one of NEAR’s greatest strengths.

Instead of highlighting where other protocols fail, we should highlight where NEAR succeeds.

To sum up the aim of this post in a few points:

  • We don’t want to devolve into toxic maximalism

  • The world is multi-chain, this is not a one-horse race

  • Kill ‘em with kindness

  • Keep content focused on the benefits of NEAR, rather than the shortfalls of other chains

TL;DR - Let’s keep our content in line with the NEAR Protocol Values: open, pragmatic, and welcoming for all. We don’t need to throw shade or be toxic toward other chains. This is part of the NEAR package and part of what makes us different


one crypto, one family.


I agree, the metaphorical battle we are engaged in by using these things is bigger than any one chain. While all chains are not created equal, the people with the forethought to advocate for them are our compatriots. It’s just not a good tactic long term to throw away our memetic efforts on what is essentially infighting.

Regardless of how hilarious and/or true it might be :smiley:


This is why I love NEAR, and thank you for being so open and honest with communication the values of NEAR. And I can totally relate to your point.

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Dear @David_NEAR probably, you need to put more attention on proposals which you approve.