The problem with Neko tokens

Dear community.
I have a question. Please explain if I see it wrong. With the advent of the meme token, Someone in the Near ecosystem noticed an interesting thing. Everyone who has been approved by the marketing consul @satojandro, is currently buying Neko tokens and advertising it. This is all visible under the post.
The very first one started advertising by the marketing consul himself
The community has not received these tokens. Mining continues. You can’t swap.
@Illia, @Mariekeflament, @marketingdao-council and the forum community, please pay attention to this. This post is written to warn about the possible corrupt course of some consuls.

When will the community be heard? Does anyone else have this problem?
Please add entries if you encounter this problem

I would not have written this message if I had not seen the reaction of users under this post

Thanks for attention. I hope this post will be seen.


Hi. You recommended receiving It in the post.and it still doesn’t work out. Help solve the problem @satojandro

Is this a benevolent post seeking to protect the community from a FREE airdrop or is this just another post to attempt to defame a Marketing DAO Council member? @David_NEAR

Few things:

  1. It is very important to make a distinction between what Council members do in their personal capacity and what they do as Council members. The tweet in question is very clearly done in a personal capacity and is well in line with ALL the post I do on a consistent basis to promote NEAR ecosystem.
  2. The screenshots you have shared have all the hallmarks of low quality bots. Wondering who is behind them.
  3. There is zero effort or engagement with the NEAR community. The entire NEARisNOW group chat is full pa participants of NEKO sale and and have received airdrops. Why don’t you reach out to them.
  4. The NEKO team are humans. If you have any issues with the platform, please contact them directly.
  5. The NEKO sale is still live. If you participated, you have to wait until it closes in a couple of days time, and applicable vesting period, before you can withdraw.
  6. Airdrop is a FREE event. Please refrain from using words such as scam when you do not receive something that is being given to you for free and has no inherent value either (it’s a meme token)

This type of personal attacks on Marketing DAO Members is both unfair and unacceptable.


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i am confused by the complaint. are you expecting a free airdrop?

the requirements for the airdrop seem pretty transparent (hold x nft, etc.) and the token sale was open to the public.

also, what does @satojandro buying or participating in a project have to do with anything? it is a free market. seems like a good thing that he is promoting a near project?


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This is not the first time the marketing consul has been in the spotlight of corruption. @illia pay attention to this. You lose not only the fund’s money, but also your community

guys, how is NOT getting a free airdrop a scam? if you qualify for it and didn’t receive it, why not go to their discord and open up a ticket (like everyone else)? you guys are really confusing me.

5 community members is not a great sample size of the “community” wanting AVB to step down lol, especially in a thread like this that has a clear bias and misinformation.

AVB is one of NEAR’s biggest contributors, what have you guys done for the ecosystem? He is allowed to promote a project personally even if he approved a grant professionally. He is allowed to be excited for NEAR projects. What part of this is corrupt?


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If it’s a meme token and doesn’t mean anything. Then why are you advertising it? Why don’t you advertise other ecosystem projects?
Thx :relaxed:

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Going through AVB’s socials and podcast, you can see that he does promote many many projects??


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I minted GFF last year and been staking ever since. Sounds like a lack of knowledge, here you go Introduction - NEKO Litepaper

There’s hundreds of Twitter posts where people are happy about their airdrop. Drop by the discord and create a ticket if you need further assistance before posting in the governance forums. The best mod staff is there to help you fam, come through. :smiley_cat:


This is a poor take on a very good and useful project that will bring people in to the space

some points on the project:

  • “learn to earn” users are incentivised to learn about the space

  • social media - they have 24k followers (more than Mara & Skellies who have both launched Sol projects) - they use every channel: youtube, tiktok, twitter, subreddit, instagram and give rewards to community members to produce content around the project and the general Near ecosystem

  • Team - creators of Kangaroos and Jump defi - have been very involved in the Near project from the start.

This is a huge opportunity for Near to give a boost to Near NFTs and showcase some of the wonderful projects that have been building away the last few months. There is alot of activity around the discords. You can see the projects that are left have created some cool products.

So lets embrace this boost to the ecosystem and give the project, the team and the community the full support over the next few days, weeks, months and sure why not years?

Let’s go :muscle: