The Metamorphosis of Creatives DAO

Thank you for kind words.

Giving names to projects is not my forte :stuck_out_tongue:

Like I said, this is a draft that can, and should be voted by community to be refined.

Name is an important aspect and the community can decide whether we want a new name or keep the old one.

Thanks @zeitwarp

Just like any and everything, nothing is complete. And this is a recommendation till where my mind can create something of meaning considering the issues we face currently and can face in the future due to the coming recession and market conditions.

Thanks for your words of support. Your inputs and ideas very important at this moment.

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We most certainly can.

A bounty should be put out from the Creatives side to get a website dashboard approved. Idea courtesy @Hawwal


The value proposition pitched to the artists is that we will give them funding to help them build their web3 infrastructure, give them knowledge to run their communities and will also give them funding to do so.

Artists will be able to apply for these grants if they fall under the tier system mentioned in the proposal.

They will get

  • a marketplace setup via mintbase, which when shared on their social media as their NFT links, can get a lot of traffic to mintbase and exposure to NEAR.
    @reginamintbase, your view would be very valuable here.
  • We can help them create a wallets for their fans and share exclusive NFTs to their fan base. (A rough idea for bringing more users via artists. Marketing mod that will be brought in the team can ideation more here)
  • Help build a metaverse space for them where they can have private web3 events for their communities and shill nfts.

Lot of ideas can be a part of value exchange instead of paying them just to come as artists on our ecosystem.


Thanks for your support @Monish016

Please do share if you are any ideas to make this better for the community. Your input as an ex creative’s mod is highly valuable!

Also, tagging @chloe @mecsbecs @tabear @hevertonharieno @adrianseneca @ted.iv @vandal @FritzWorm for your inputs and insights.


People who have been in the ecosystem and associated with creatives dao for a while like @starpause @jefedeoro @marianeu @GeminiRising @frado @reespect @Dedeukwu @ritamaria @thephilosopher @beetlejuice

Your inputs will be very valuable :pray:

Please feel free to tag whoever can contribute to the new model.

This is the time where your input and support is required the most.

I’ll be happy to help in anyway I can


Makes sense. I’ll create a Miro by Friday. @Paul wasnt tagged in your post. Tagging him too.


I propose next week Wednesday, 19th oct, so community has at-least that much time to process, question iterate and get a good feel of the new model.



Just a further couple of comments on this…and obviously being very subjective…but if the ‘sponsored/supported’ individual artists are going to be new entrants from outside the Near ecosystem…what are the plans to allow individual artists fully embedded within the ecosystem…and who have interacted with all those milestone dApps since the early days on Near mainnet without assistance from creatives dao V1…to access the kind of accelerator/incubator funding that is available to members of Dao’s/communities…

Seems that ‘that type of artist’ would need to self-organise as a Dao to access the proposed program…or once again fall outside of the remit of Creatives Dao

as they say…“asking for a friend” :upside_down_face:

Second point on this…a number of reasonably successful cryptoartists have wandered in -and then back out - of near over the last 18 months…but the main issues have been in the liquidity vacuum for non-PFP art…which puts us nicely back at the chicken & egg fundamental commercial challenge of being a creative on Near

i totally understand the idea of trying to attract established names…with a plan to drag in their liquidity to the ecosystem to the benefit of the broader community of creatives…as a foundation stone for greater liquidity…but I’m not sure ‘trickle-down economics’ actually ever works…and there is obviously the possibility of the effect only being temporary…and the ripples not travelling far outside of the onboarded name artists.

But it’s a plan…and it could work…and if everyone wants/votes for it…then go for it :+1:

However…if the Near ecosystem - via NF > via Creatives Dao - is going to support creativity on Near to grow towards a sustainable commercial model…then i would like to ask for consideration of the inclusion of an incubator model for existing non-DAO NEAR individual artists too…

thnx :+1:


hello Sahil!
I am still reading all and slowly understanding
first, thank you for your work and effort
but in my honest and own perspective, what appears to me is something very complex…
my suggestion is to think about how is the ecosystem now and what could be the first steps we need to achieve some different structure

I was wondering that @Paul’s post also lead us to some important discussion, in order to understand the community and trace paths to organize ourselves,

does this two proposals could dialogue? how?
I’d like if you check my last input there, where I offer a small and concise view about how creatives dao as a dao of daos could start organizing to be able to step forward in a collective and collaborative direction…

thank you for your efforts and time
with my best regards


Thanks for taking time to understand this. And yes it can seem a bit daunting and complex.

To simply this I will share a miro board which is a workflow board and record a small video presentation explain how these things will come together.

As I see it, Paul’s proposal suggests how to review proposals better.

This model is suggesting three things

  • Maintaining, growing, educating and marketing the existing Creatives DAO ecosystem
  • Bringing in Tier 1 and tier 2 artists to NEAR for more visibility of NEAR and Creatives DAO
  • Funding creatives ecosystem projects that help creatives around the world get more sustainable.

I think miro board and a video explanation will bring more clarity. Allow me 2 days.

And thank you for openly sharing your concerns.


This is really brilliant @Cryptonaut I commend the efforts made to write this interesting article.
I think “Art-techNationDao” has a nice ring to the name but a change of name isn’t really what I think we need now. “Creatives Dao” as the name is beautiful and I think we should implement these new initiatives as well as other brilliant initiatives that are coming up under the Creatives Dao as we proceed. P.S, I don’t know if a change of name would boost or drive our new mandates as a creative community increasing our relevance with NF and other soon-coming stakeholders to the Dao, I would say this is a brilliant idea and I support it.


Thank you @Hawwal.

The name like you said is irrelevant. It’s more of a statement while we are entering this new era, however a non issue.

I’m happy to see your support.

Sharing detailed explanation soon.


Hii everyone

Much appreciated @Cryptonaut @frnvpr @williamx @Paul @sarahkornfeld for the energy so far in contributing to this restructuring process, I feel the Think Tank initiative is another means of getting pieces to fill the puzzle also we have a call scheduled today which everyone is invited but however I can share my thoughts and ideas regards to this Metamorphosis and other posts regards to the progress of the CreativesDAO.

I have been very observant from the first day I joined the NEAR ecosystem which is from testnet of Mintbase and early days of NEAR DAOs and some things can go beyond personal efforts especially if the builders voice is not heard or considered to help. We are all learners and builders as far as web3 is concerned. For me the change of name matters cos it changes the mindset of everyone building under the umbrella to a new structure which in business terms referred to as branding so I agree with the Tech in the Art DAO just because it goes beyond art but the tech is fully inclusive for all to experiment with or build with.

Firstly, we need legally registered DAOs in our vertical DAO or help the existing ones become one which will enable us tap into the global creative economy and grow outside of NF grants and each DAO should have a legal representative to professionally document collaborations, partnerships or endorsements for posterity sake and encourage seriousness.

Secondly, physical creative and operational space which will enable proper orientation about our DApps, vision and terminologies which is another barrier that can cause misinterpretation of NFTs, blockchain and web3 generally. It could be one NEAR certified HQ in various regions where we have operational DAOs to go to for learning, project kickoff zone or go to space when needed for project collaboration or partnership, also creating employment of staffs working seriously towards the success of the roadmap while payment activities, votes and other activities are recorded on the blockchain using the AstroDAO functionality and others that might be developing in the future, it will also onboard the already established web2 celebrities we target and keep things organized with their Mods facilitating the progress and responsibilities involved.

Thirdly, DAOs can collectively collaborate and draft a legal partnership ( % splits ) to host irl/Metaverse events with ticketed NFTs ( Could be free ) to teach and onboard users into using their DApp and Defi projects they’re building on amongst everything Wallet security and the right perception of the NFTs community which is the next thing we can aim at after finalizing on documenting a few collaboration paperwork with our legal representatives to separate emotions from business because imho there’s need to recognize that sustainability without the term “business” is not complete generally we are working to save for future needs and longevity maintenance of the DAOs.

Saving 25% of grants for NF through the tiers is fine but needs to be solidly documented outside of the ecosystem. Also happy to see the marketingDAO evolving with us on this journey to grow and proof working. Having regional Mod is a great idea and I’ll be happy to help represent from my African community if given the opportunity when the time is right, decentralization can be subjective i think but it simply means fairness to everyone imo but there’s diversity in regions that needs to be considered while building and the need for a project like NDC is good to come into existence as it will help reduce indecency, hate, racism and the way outsiders perceive what we are building.

Finally, everyone is trying but i hope the time is right to be hopeful and intentional towards how we treat each other and what we want our future to be.



hiiii, thank you for this and thank you to everyone that has contributed so far. this is an exciting time…after this we’d have evolved!!! i love that for us.
i have to say i agree with the reasoning behind a lot of these ideas and i want to add some of mine.
also, as much i like written communication, i also enjoy speaking. it would be nice if everyone here joins the next think-tank happening today. we can all use our voices…literally.

anywayyy, here are some ideas i have:

at the end of every quarter, “cohort” projects —decided across all tiers of individuals and daos
are spotlighted by the creative dao itself. this way the whole community can rally around and support stand-out projects. it would also drive healthy competition.

the projects are selected based on the possible impact (not number of members), the ease of newbies to interact with it and any other criteria that works.

i propose two regional mods, where they both handle frequent check-in’s with all daos in the region, learn their needs, get immediate update on changes, give advices, compile reports and nominate projects that should be spotlighted.
the presence of both can act as a protective layer to personal biases from either.

we need all daos to take on fixed responsibilities—especially those > tier2

  • open-sourced data: daos should always have information ready available for the greater community in their channels.
    knowledge on their learnings and process in leveling up. the information will serve as an educative tool that everyone interested can have access to without needing to ask anyone. just go to the guild and read up on information that will help you.

-weekly check-in’s with regional mods: this check-in will create a bird eye view of the ecosystem. workshops will hit pain-points directly, there will be one-on-one assistance, and there will be involvement in the projects from scratch to finish.

-create a marketing plan for projects: it’s time to give more attention to marketing. imagine if daos are expected to come up with marketing strategy for every approved project, and they are guaranteed 1/3 of the funding from the marketing vertical. this means if the project costs $3000, they have to come up with a marketing strategy that can cost up to $1000— remember that this strategy will be vetted by the mods during check-ins.
this way, when the creatives dao interacts with the marketing dao, they wouldn’t feel the need to “judge” the project and its credibility, instead they focus on helping with strategizing and sharpening the approach— and even if they do, the guaranteed 1/3 allows the creatives dao go ahead with projects they believe in.

  • optimal roadmap: this might be easier to get after daos feel legally protected enough to share, but yes, it should be the responsibility of daos to present their roadmaps or atleast expected deliverables over a period.

which brings me to this:

i think this should be discretionary. the pause shouldn’t be compulsory. if a dao wants to continue to create monthly reports and proposals they should be able to as long as they deliver optimally.
also, the moderators can urge a much needed pause.

i even think daos should be able to take pauses to request for lump sums. following the advisory of the moderators, a tier 1 dao for instance can wait a month to collect two months funding at once and execute a project that needs it.

i understand this, but i think nf will benefit more from us focusing on creating plans that make them money instead of on saving them money.
we do not want to end up boxing ourselves in by increasing our responsibilities and reducing funding.

i was also wondering if nf has a treasury with a wallet, we could remit 0.5% - 1% on projects funded by nf. and if we rally around the quarterly creative “cohort” projects we get a higher chance of generating more funds.
this would keep them engaged with us and could change the dynamic of our relationship (creatives dao and nf)

also, imagine if daos > tier3 can request above their band, the request could come from this treasury and they will be expected to pay back up to 1/2 of the surplus with a year.

creatives dao needs to be positioned as the stars/attractors that it is. they aren’t sold on the impact of creatives dao, we need to continue to stir the narrative of our value. and be careful of further sidelining ourselves.

this is an excellent idea!

we can’t say we believe that an artist in web3 needs only 100 fans for sustenance then turn around and raise the bar so high. these numbers are too high in my honest opinion.

i don’t think this name is bad​:joy: i’m tending more towards art and innovation instead of art, technology and community, so i’m looking forward to ideas in that direction.
i also think we can leave is as creatives daos.

@NatalieCrue @sarahkornfeld i think you both will be interested in this conversation :hugs:


Great to witness the evolution of Creatives DAO! I’d like to contribute a couple of points.

  1. Creatives DAO as a brand has 1,246 followers on Twitter. We could keep the Creatives DAO title and have Art, Tech & Innovation as the headline and mission statement rather than start from scratch.

  2. DAOs should be the drivers of more DAOs. As projects and communities get funded I’m sure there will be some who want to take things to the next level. This is where DAOcubator and AstroDAO @starpause could be of assistance, so members can graduate, make room for new people and contribute to growing the ecosystem.

I’d also like to recommend connecting with @ADAM4Artists. I think Creatives DAO can become a great curator of all the amazing projects within its umbrella and create more traction to the program and its socials. We don’t yet have a dedicated account focused on sharing and highlighting the creatives in the ecosystem.



@Dedeukwu Thank you for your wisdom and leadership. You offered so many strategic and practice ideas here, it’s so valuable. Thank you as well @reespect – you have some additionally wise insights in your response. And, yes, we are having another Best Practices Think Tank at 10:30 am PST US – link and agenda here – ALL WELCOME:

I’d just like to say how important both of the proposals put forth here by @Paul and @Cryptonaut are for collective wisdom and consideration – additionally, what people have added make the effort so impactful, considered, and wise.

Leadership is about recognizing the past, and not being afraid to change. That is being shown by everyone, and I think it’s important to note sustainability is also a state of mind: it’s a constant evolution towards taking your work (and the work of others) seriously, it’s taking a fearless inventory of both your insecurities as well as your healthy ambition, and it’s being open to finding ways to support all this creatively and economically.

Web3 seems to offer some incredible ways to expand both creative and economic practice, but it’s like that cliche – Train tracks were laid down over the alps before a train could actually climb that high, they simply planned for it. That’s what I think is happening here, and it’s hard, and can be filled with conflict (based on the fear the future naturally brings) as well as victory (overcoming fear and trying a new experiment).

Really so happy to be a part of this process, thank you.


we build white-label marketplaces…js.

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Guys, you did a wonderful job here. FraDAO would like to thank you for all your energy and time in putting it all together for us. It will be a great metamorphosis! We are also very grateful for the opportunity to share our thoughts.

The road to self-sustainability has proven to be longer than we initially imagined, and we reiterate FraDAO’s commitment to continue working hard to build this meaningful NEAR community together.

Some comments we’d like to share:

1- The monthly/quarterly report is a great tool, not just for moderators, but especially for ourselves. We spent long hours writing and reading the reports.

However, board members are overloaded with extra time to manage DAO initiatives, metrics, our own members, plus implement the proposed roadmap.

Perhaps a pre-formatted, easy-to-fill Report sheet (and following our previous steps) would make it easier for everyone - with less copying/pasting and repeated information. Every time we run the board, everything has to be explained to newbies (a considerable loss of productivity). Our DAO has many artists, but very few have managerial skills. Do you think it would be possible to build a standardized report form?

2- Our DAO is mainly focused on onboarding - even our educational events/workshops aim to grow the community with quality members (eg. professional artists to produce in the metaverse).

So if our success metrics is based on revenue generation, we would have to drastically change our mission and membership profiles.

Having a lot of inactive members or web2-only artists can make a DAO look popular, but building an active community takes time and resources, as we all know. Integration is not about web2 social media engagement or distributing NEAR tokens, but keeping those tokens moving - making them popular. That’s value, for the ecosystem. We fully agree with the proposed funding structure.

Thanks once again!
@PatriciaB @Narau @frado


Awesome, I’ll update it here: Near Coin là gì? Tổng hợp thông tin chi tiết về tiền điện tử NEAR