The Future of Creatives DAO Community Conversation

Speaking from a Marketing point of View, The question is, can we get people, usually affiliates first of all to believe in Daos? Can we get them to follow the vision of the Dao? Can we assist them in believing and also help them in the market? Should we get specialists at doing these? This is where the question is because we cant keep making Nfts and not gain some sort of Value off the creation of these Assets. I’d say we have to be direct with what we want, this might seem a lot but THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX is what we need. We need to get influential people to believe in our creations as CREATIVES. Thats why this would come down to Do you even have passion for what you say you do? Because if you do, you will go the extra mile with the support the NF gives and go after people that will blindly follow and support the Dao.

Speaking from a natural point of view building value goes a long way in atttacting potential investors. There has to be value building, visible, that can attract the things we hope for in the long run, otherwise its not really worth it.

Daos also need to merge/network with other Daos at their regions and work hand in hand and join forces because that is what it should be about and more.

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Hello @adrianseneca @hevertonharieno @ted.iv @blusw and other moderators (sorry I don’t know your handles yet) also fellow community members @tabear @chloe @vandal @thephilosopher @whoiscavenaghi @LulucaL , just to name a few :wink:

I would like to ask the moderators team to reach out to NF and kindly ask for clarification on 1 aspect that, due to lack of clarity, is creating profound damage in our ecosystem.

  • It seems to me that many of the recent efforts, by the moderators team, of clarifying the value that our creative/artistic DAOs have in the ecosystem is a positive thing, however at the same time it has allowed non-artistic folks to demand that ‘other types’ of value is offered. This is ofc reasonable since this is a large community and ‘no specific’ kind of value is protected by definition (even so, I suggest that those who represent Creative DAOs should not be the ones questioning the value of artistic work, but the ones finding ways to strengthen the creative output of the community), however it has created many heated debates, some crossing the line into personal attacks.

  • This creates a climate of confusion inside the Creatives DAO community, in which people are being asked to prove value in ways they don’t accept; some find reasonable that artists should provide ‘a service’, others think this is outside the scope of their activities.

  • Many artists came into this ecosystem while trying to provide some kind of value TO THE ecosystem, while others came into it USING the web3 platforms as end users, bringing their artistic practice and applying it in our platforms. Both were told they were welcomed, and both were told that their activities were worth getting funds.

  • My request is that we try to clarify with NF, possibly getting a statement from them, what kind of value are artists supposed to provide in this ecosystem. Does NF (and we) want to welcome artists that bring their practice and their communities and support them? Or only specific projects, with specific goals in mind should be considered?

  • As long as we allow for this distinction to remain unanswered, we are creating a place where people will be questioned for bringing their practice into this space. We will continue to ask artists to perform non-artistic work in ways that conflict with their world view and professional skills, and we will create tension between them and community members who, rightfully so, have other ideas in mind about what the NEAR ecosystem should be and how the N$ should be spent.

  • I personally value all perspectives, when put into context. As a professional artist I stand with those that refuse to accept non-artistic criteria to value artistic work. As a member of a DAO that provides services TO artists, but doesn’t receive tokens to produce artistic work (in general), I also understand those that think that some kind of value TO the ecosystem must be provided (other than gathering end-users). And I also understand the questions of those that try to establish better ways of managing tokens in such a complex ecosystem.

  • I really feel clarifying the position of the artist and the artists DAO can go a long way in helping everyone understand where they stand in the ecosystem, and which kind of labor is to be supported, which isn’t and what, in general, is expected of artists in this ecosystem, so they feel welcomed, supported (in whatever way makes sense) and mostly, they don’t feel attacked in their practice for the wrong reasons.

Thank you all


Hey @frnvpr , thanks for the comment.

The new moderators team is:
@blusw , @Cryptonaut , @kc_sollano, @Paul & @williamx
This month being the second month of transition, we will be replacing the list of “old moderatos” with the new moderators in the Creatives DAO category here. The reason it does not contain all moderators for now is simply that there is a character limit to the description.

To clarify, the message we have gotten from NF for now is that everything is “business as usual”, which in my opinion is how we should continue to operate until further notice. The conversations in the community have been quite intense, but overall very productive and also show how many people in the community want their voices to be heard in relation to Creatives DAO. Having said this, the uncertainty and speed of this have definitely led to some more tense situations and not-so-productive chats as a side product, and the above issues raised would definitely assist in mediating this and give some guidance as to how we can direct the conversation efficiently for a community-based solution on governance and direction within the Creatives DAO.

I’m tagging @David_NEAR here to contribute to the conversation and to advise on this particular suggestion:



Perfect, i think this need to happen


@macieira @Ghini @Dazo @Natashacremonese @cleusaraven


That’s a very peculiar point that me as community builder always think. At the same way it happen for bad, happen for good too. We need options, and not to be molded and changed. Great topic @frnvpr thank you for the tag.


This! Always on point. Thanks for this comment. :revolving_hearts:


Perfectly said, @frnvpr. I agree with the quote and with all your other comments about this problem. And it seems that many people agree with you too.


Hehe thanks is not me, I just shared a solution proposition is the community who will make things to happen :metal::rocket:


Just wondering why mods team members continue to create similar DAOs?


Just wondering why some mods keep commenting randomly without understanding what a project is


I would love to see Creatives DAO keep it simple.

A Near Foundation powered funding vehicle to support proposals from individuals or collectives focused on creative endeavors within the Near ecosystem.

To help streamline funding proposals I suggest to establish a subset of verticals that include key ecosystem projects under the most popular disciplines - Art, Music, Metaverse, etc… and create groups for them on the Creatives DAO DAO.

Creatives DAO should be as lean as possible internally, handing over the decision making to the inter-disciplinary collectives that make up the new verticals.

If this requires Creatives DAO to become a legal entity to receive funding from NF, then DAO what needs to be done :wink:

Accountability is important, so depending on how much money is allocated to Creatives DAO for the important role it plays in the broader NEAR ecosystem we could implement a ‘proposal funding cap’ so that each month the DAO can fund as many different proposals as possible with the assigned budget from NF and the results generated from the completion of the projects can be measured in their reports.

As it stands, most projects and DAOs can already apply directly to the Grants program for funding their longer-term goals, so the role of Creatives DAO can continue to be to fund and support creatives with a vision.

If we could simplify this even more, with both quantifiable and unquantifiable metrics considered, I think we have a possible solution to the current Creatives DAO identity crisis.

Again, these are just my personal thoughts and opinions and are never set in stone.

Props are definitely due to you @adrianseneca for the amount of effort, time and sweat you’ve put in :100: :heart:


The sustainability aspect of the creative DAO is important as well as a child need to grow up some day and live an independent life outside his family so as we creative also need to have a plan outside the funding of NF.
IMO I think we should have a task maybe a 10% or 20% task and a community in charge of locking this task fee. This fee would be like a percentage of interest Gotten from a DAO when doing a project. In every business done the entrepreneur spends money and expects gain in return so In every funding request each DAO should expect gain and success from budget they’re requesting for. This gain would involve in a DAO treasury where later on if NF don’t fund us again we’ve a treasury where all DAO send 10-20% of income gained from this project and can later request from the treasury depends on their allocation.
The bigger the task paid monthly by DAO the bigger share they have on the treasury .
It’s going to be like a DAO poll.
How can DAO be sustainable ?
For example
Beat DAO can be sustainable by selling their beats , bringing out new tracks and selling them online on as an NFT on mintbase : money gain from this sales can be added to a new DAO treasury pool
Dance DAO can get sustainability by holding a dance concert and getting returns from their tickets sold on that show, they can also get income from online adverts through dance. And so on
Like mintbase gets sustainability from minters and artists from revenue and royalties.
Norms when you build your page or socials it serves as a medium for promotion and engagement.
Not to say much we need more creative minds to come together and bring up something unique

grateful for our opened incredible community , for each of you !
sharing what i see at the moment from the whole:

we all need with definitions , determinations and Guidelines
Creatives DAO WhitePaper
the list of navigation details that all of us are agree with
-to establish a new DAO (here i’m sure we need to ask new members to look through forum, if there is already a similar to his/her idea DAO on NEAR. probably there is an opportunity to join to existing DAO with your certain project?)
-to become a council of creative DAO and his role (like in this example - to help with composing proposal, making structure of timeline and roadmap, to manage diff projects according common goals, to educate newcomers about platforms and opportunities on NEAR, to keep objective perspective; to be rotated every 9-12 months, for ex)
-to become a moderator on forum for Creatives DAO and his role. here i didn’t see discussion, but i’m sure there’s a huge amount of work on other’s proposals that moderators are digesting daily, that it’s un-humanity to expect from moderator to lead a DAO, or it has to be limited. like if someone pretend to take such a responsibility, for the period of moderating please to be a council not more than 1 DAO and wait as a member until next moderators rotation.
as well as to describe minimum of responsibilities of the position. i mean moderators for example, could create/compose common excel from all DAOs reports
someone could maintain social media of creatives dao; there is a need of DAOs event’s timetable/schedule , through diff categories (like Metaverse events, Twitter AMAs, TG Voice/video chats, bounties). councils are working with proposals and voting and building community and curating common DAO’s path to goals and purposes, synchronizing regularly as inside the DAO as with other NEAR DAOs

hope it’s clear
we don’t need license but the document that we all are trust and agree with
by determination of every role such a way that it is clear to everyone

do not pretend on the final truth
just sharing what i see