[Suspended] Music Scoring development - O amanhecer no meio-dia ao mar(The dawn at noon to the sea) por multimedia Opera

This month, the Opera making, with the support of nomadelabel-dao , i propose to build Macro and Micro structure that can guide future steps of the art work making.

our invited sister/queen @ritamaria allowed me to use a cut-up with her sound, recorded on the proposal FLORES DE MAIO de @calebav

MIDI voo assemantico [2022-06-04 180204].pdf (66.1 KB)

Material from one working process will be used as a seed to contructure 2 kind of music stories:
Pop contemponrary meta orchestrations (with the creative vision of @luixoluixo ) and the post tonal genesis of antimetodo @mauriciomatel

Meta composition project will generate 2 MIDI Files, and lleftover samples, to be minted later as a Opera suvenir.


-4 Sunday Morning of June, there will be meetings with @gabrielfelipejacomel @luixoluixo @mauriciomatel and me

  • Every meeting we will listen and disscuss music referencies, created on this past months by nomadelabel DAO artistic actions, and will figure out how to create a draft for a chorus and a short poem/song.

No final product from this step of production. Next month the visual factory will provide a counterpoint using this MIDI files to perform images (nomadelabours will be invited to this task).

The music material will re-start to be worked by blua_discordia, as eletronic source for GUME dance company reaserch.

Soon more details on the Opera Roadmap :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


direction = blua_discordia.near 150 dai
composers = mauriciomatel.near cerejaazul.near 200 dai (2x 100)
writer’s aux = gabrielfelipejacomel.near 50 dai

recorded phonogram = zydron.near ritamaria.near 100 dai(2 x 50)

Esta é uma Ópera criada dentro da Near com o ferramentaria da #nomadelabel-dao e o apoio da Creatives DAO


I feel extremely honored to participate in this opera project as a flying voice, and I thank you @blusw for listening to my improvising compositions. sonic nomadism of ideas that flow through and between and for all of us



So excited here, ready to go!


nice to be part of this project. Amazing,


This Proposal wont be realized this month, the bugdet will retorn for nomadelabel, from 500 DAI to NEAR. [≈ $3.13]

Soon i print the transaction:

The project will be continued in different paths>


Not anymore as an Opera but as a Making-Doc - a new concept of cinematic artifact, branded by lea_arafah and @palomak . Inspired in the rhysomatic vision of @filmesdeinfiltracao on collaborative creation. wavy swing by the sailor’s dreams.

more coming soon


pena que foi cancelado…

nao foi cancelado, mas resignificado

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what a nice surprise :slight_smile:

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seems to me a proposal to create on new bases. @filmesdeinfiltracao I saw some wonderful pictures of your production.

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