[Suggestion] A systematic approach on Creatives community

Hi Nearians,

Over the past couple of months that I’ve been part of the Creatives community, I have seen one of the things that we can improve on.

It’s the whole accountability of the community in making reports and being available through CFC review and approval time.

I know patience goes a long way but as we grow bigger, we have to find ways to be more efficient on what we do as part of the Creatives DAO.

We are not playing a child’s game and we are not a group of people who is just here to show up when it’s time to reap rewards.

We have to be systematic on our approach and we have to ensure that we’ll be able to strive together as we grow together.

Some mechanics I have in mind.

  1. Monthly reports should be up on the last day of each month. Late submission extension until 3rd of every month. Late submissions will be documented and 3 late submissions in a year will be subject for penalty. Yes, some of the events may not be finished sometimes, but having an overview report should at least cover them.

  2. All proposals should be up by 5th of the month. No lates. This gives an ample time for our @creativesdao-council to review and give feedback to each proposals.

  3. During the approval weeks (5th of month until 15th) approved guild proposals should be able to create CFC for creatives dao council seats within 24-48 hours.

  4. Creatives council seats should be active from 5th until the 15th in reviewing an approving CFCs.

  5. To make it more systematic, we can create a database where we will create sheets for each approved proposals where they can post the CFC links that they created so it will be easier for each CFC leader to check if there is already a CFC for them to review and approve.

To sum it up, we understand that many of us have their own work, live in a different time zone and have different work culture, but we also have to understand that we have to be efficient on how we do things so that we’ll be able to create a more harmonious and less stressful environment for us to properly execute each projects that we have on a timely manner.

If you reach this last part, I want to thank you for reading and I hope you can also share your thoughts and feedback regarding this suggestion.

Disclaimer: This is a first person perspective of what I saw that we could improve on. Suggestions and details could change depending on what our councils and community will come up and I think it’s important that we also address this.



This is a great offer. Just a couple of days ago I wrote a similar offer in marketing and wanted to send the same to the Creative today. I would like to add that the consuls wrote on the forum about their approval or refusal, so that we could see the feedback. I will follow your suggestion and try to help. You can mark the creative DAO so that they look and write their thoughts. I support you with both hands.
Thx :blush:


Thank you! Well, I just thought that we have to do a better job in addressing this duty that we have.

Not saying that I am not appreciating all the things that everyone is doing but I just want us to be more efficient on how we do things.

At the end of the day, it’s still for the benefit of everyone.


Thanks for the input @gmachines and to @pathfinder as well. Appreciate the support and transparency.

After the discussion we had with one from the NEAR Foundation during NEARCON, we are now working on several restructurings in ways that are not fully efficient under our umbrella. Also to note that the people who are approving or closing proposals here are not councils but moderators. The Creatives DAO has a unique structure where the DAOs and guilds are the councils, and councils consist of people that are actively participating - I hope we are clear on that.

It’s hard to impose abrupt changes where the participation of the majority is needed as we go towards decentralization. There’ll be left and right resistance and things that need experimentation. In addition to that, we are not only coordinating with people within the Creatives DAO but also with entities that are distributing funds to the community. Sometimes it is delayed, on time, or advanced. Hence, it is not in the hands of community, councils, or moderators alone.

Furthermore, until the new guidelines we, the @creativesdao-council currently working on is up, we’ll discuss it with NF then with the creatives community to align ourselves towards a similar goal.


I’m not a part of Creatives DAO, but I support your suggestion on :100:

Also, thanks to @adrianseneca for the last report:


Marked it as Solution.

Thank you for the response and acknowledgment of the issue @kc_sollano!

At least, now we know that there are several factors that affects the situation and it is being addressed and with that, I rest my case.

More power to everyone!

LFG! WAGMI! :fire:


Thanks for all inputs
very appreciated the concerns and this kind of discussion, but @kc_sollano pointed very well the state of things.

I hope everyone can understand our efforts to keep on building beyond the hype!

as soon we get updates from NF, soon we will upgrade our guidelines.

wish you all a happy day on Near_ecosystem!


You’re right. We must be a single mechanism. If some part does not work well, it will affect the entire mechanism. Do not hesitate and express your thoughts, comments. Maybe someone sees the situation from one side, you see from the other side. Your opinion and your proposal may be beneficial to the community.
Thx :blush:


Very well said! These are fantastic suggestions that are sure to improve processes for the Creatives community.