SputnikDAO: Discussing Missing Features

Let’s discuss features that are missing from Sputnik DAO.

First, I suggest everyone to look at the Decred DAO here: https://proposals.decred.org/ that was referred by @frankbraun . Decred DAO has a very slick UI, and most importantly the following features that I think we should also have:


They also require some payment to register for an account in order to comment on proposals and a small fee to submit a proposal. It might be enough that NEAR accounts cost some money, but if spam becomes a problem that might be a good approach.

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@nearmax these features are actually what this forum has. Rebuilding them doesn’t really make sense at this point. We don’t have good examples of building such applications with external decentralized storage yet.

Instead we can leverage this forum as the source of detailed posts and discussion and only leverage the DAO itself for voting and funds distribution.

Ideally we should get a plugin built for Discourse to make this easier.


@illia Politeia goes beyond that in that it offers a certain amount of censorship resistance, or rather censorship transparency. While certain censorship is required (spam proposals), it should ultimately be done in a transparent fashion. See Politeia Censorship.

While I agree that the forum is enough for now from a MVP perspective, it’s something to keep in mind for the mid- to long-term. Whoever has control over the forum effectively has control over the proposal process, NEAR wouldn’t be the first project to be troubled by this.

So if one wants to go “full DAO” I think a more transparent submission process is needed at some point in the future. Given the capabilities of NEAR probably all on chain.


That’s a valid point. I think adding more features around discussions is def will be important.

So far it seems like people actually avoid going to forum for the discussions and either try to describe things in the proposal or discuss it in private telegram.

May be schedule more of this support for v3, as tools for storing data off-chain in decentralized storage mature. (see grants in Development Catalogue & Ideas for that)

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