Spirityut Report ( Spirityut Near Fest 1)

Greetings to the Near Fam,

On the 22nd October, we were able to organise a little show in our Area, Ago Palace Way lagos Nigeria, thanks to the Near Foundation and Creatives Dao, The show was organised to create awareness about the Near protocol, Spirityut Dao and for some of our creatives. We were able also from September funding to purchase necessary equipments such as a Canon 6D camera with 50Mm lens which we used in coverage of the Near Fest 1 event, and will come in handy for future purposes.

TOTAL of over 100 flyers displaying What we’re about was distributed to people in the Area and some we’re also given some form of enlightenment on the Blockchain and Decentralisation.

we also had our Roll Up Banner created for future purposes, we created Near T Shirts and a Large Banner which we used for the Stage that displayed musical Daos and few other Daos.

With Participants of over 70 overall, we we’re able to create more than Half of 50 wallets from event which we were looking to open, some that attended didn’t have devices to enable open near wallets, or they use devices that couldn’t enable Internet connection, but overall over 30 Near wallets have been claimed by new members, the other attendees were Spirityut affiliated and already had their NEAR wallets opened…more wallets are currently being opened.

We also had a food vendor team that was present to feed the community members, new and existing and there was enough for attendees, they were paid accordingly.

Currently still looking to open more Near wallets through having twitter spaces with potential member groups asides those that are yet to claim their wallets Via NEARNAMES!

These We’re opened by @ZAMAEL Spirityut Council member

These were opened by @TheTune100 Spirityut Council member, some are yet to claim theirs.

We had a Mc and Dj that kept the show rolling and were paid accordingly and were rest assured that there will be better and more proper events coming basically for same reason we had this but on larger scale.

Artistes that performed were over 7

For the freestyle we had others come in and throw Down, generally, the event was Enlightening and Entertaining. Here are few images from event,

Proper images and videos would be displayed at Beat dao Mansion upper Saturday!

Spirityut on Instagram: "Good morning and Great week ahead to everyone, We had our event, Near Blockchain Fest 1 on the 22nd October and we're glad to announce the soon release of full video clip that includes education on the #NEARprotocol , #blockchaintechnology , #web3 and Musical Performances by the DAOS affiliated Musicians. #watchout for #spirityut updates, #NEARprotocol #blockchain #web3community" .

We’re glad to mention working on a video footage from event which will be displayed hopefully upper Saturday at Beatdao Mansion, link below.

After having spoken to the Team, We’re arranging that so the NEAR community can come experience how it was for us especially the Performance section that was so much Fun!

(Updated information)

After Metaverse display @beatdao Mansion)

Spirityut Near Fest 1 - YouTube (Updated) Here is Link to Event Highlights.

More grease to the Creatives Dao and NEAR FOUNDATION!