Spirityut Report (Defi Investment September/October 22)

Total amount of 350 USDC was set aside from Spirityut Dao funding off our (3k) for defi investment and was recently staked with the Ref.finance Dapp on the Near Blockchain, the aim of this action is to ensure future resources and investment purposes and we would be setting asides funding for this purpose in coming times.

On the 29th Dao advisor Bone Police had a meeting with the Dao lead and we were able to successfully Stake the amount set aside for DEFI purposes. The reason it was a bit late was because certainty was needed and the Dao advisor wasn’t available to properly Guide the transaction but we have been successful with staking and would be monitoring from time to time.

We Staked the total in Usdt.e/Near Farm Pool with APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 15.84% and would constantly check for updates as regards ROI