[September 2021 ]-Reward Claim of [Ramesh | NEAR#4101]

Won 3rd Place in MEME Competition held in the month of september conducted by NEAR MEME DAILY and in collaboration with Open Web Sanbox.

The Claim Reward for the third postition : $50 USDT

Competition Link: https://twitter.com/NearMemeDaily/status/1433507644698857493?s=20

Winners Announcement Link: https://twitter.com/NearMemeDaily/status/1438207457860349955?s=20

My twitter post: https://twitter.com/nearpedia/status/1436368769937391619?s=20

Thanks & Regards,
G. Ramesh

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Approved from my side

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Hey Ana, Why it is not included in OWS claim?

Hi, as I see your name is included
Thank you for the work

Thankyou ana for the timely help.