Sankore Mombasa Event WEB 3 EDITION

It all started with a thunder of advertisement of the Sankore 2.0 Mombasa Edition event which happened on 25TH JUNE 2022 at Sheraton Regency .Hotel in Mombasa was a successful one. A good number of people turned for the event by 2pm. The event started with opening remarks from RAMAH. the hall was already full until some people couldn’t find a place to sit the host were up and down looking for more chairs to ensure that no one was miss out. At 2.30pm. it was packed to maximum.
Kelvin Mazi Sankore2.0 CEO, took us through the main objectives and agendas of sankore2.0 , and its history ie, how it started and how it is helping the community , and the main aim .
Shedrack with a Sankore2.0 t-shirt took us on how to deal with SBE platform ( Sankore Bounty Ecosystem) he showed some claimed bounties and how to claim them as follows:HOW TO CLAIM TASKS ON SBE

Go to
Launch the App
Sign in your NEAR Wallet
On the search, type in Sankore Bounty Ecosystem
Click on it and it will open the DAOs home page.
Select on the bounties menu and pick a task that you feel you can complete with ease.
Once you have completed a task, click this tally form and paste your links on it (SBE Task Form)

Go back to the SBE DAO and on the TASK you claimed press on COMPLETE.

This will send a proposal to council members to verify you completed your task.
Once Verification has been done on the Spreadsheet, council members will pass the proposal and you will get your NEAR tokens.

Ask any questions if you have doubts before picking a BOUNTY

DO NOT forget to press COMPLETE after you have sent the TASK CHECKERS your TASK.

DO NOT CLAIM MORE THAN ONE BOUNTY AT AGO. YOU WILL BE BANNED FOREVER IF YOU DO.Those members who had tasks in the DAO were went through the whole process for a demo where there bounties were approved by the DAO members …Thereafter Questions were asked and they were answered accordingly by the Speakers.