“Sandbox [october] Reward Claim of [teo#0699]”

1- Is it an act or series? series
2- Type of Activity : Translate The entire document of Near documentation into arabic language
3- link of results :
The link of the first article : " What is Protocol Near "

The link of the Second article : “” How the NEAR Rainbow Bridge works " "

The link of the Third article : " What you can do on The NEAR protocol"

4- Calculate number of words : 3350 + 1450 + 2600 = 7400

5- Reward : 7400/25 = 296$

Hello Teo, Thanks for collaborating with the NEAR community.

I will tag here @sasha because it is with him that you should talk for LEARNNEAR.CLUB translations, these translations are being rewarded with a price tag of $15 each 500 words.
They need a more detailed review.

I will like to help you with some guidance about the work with the OWS Guild.

  1. Your discord username should have a # with a number like this: FritzWagner#6722

  2. Check the OWS Quality Control Guidelines

  1. Try to narrate, to create a story out of your piece (good examples of 4NTS Guild on how to create a nice story: example1 and example2
  2. Use tweets and quotes of experts in the field and crypto OGs
  3. Use other relevant materials from the crypto space4. Hyperlink sources5. Avoid long sentences
  1. So, my recommendation is you should use your Twitter and share there the content of your writing, your creation could be posted on Medium.com for example. You should tag other twitter accounts and then you will found your content approved by the community.

Thanks for your response , i found this opportunity on open web sandbox opportunities and they mentioned 25 USD (per 500 words for NEAR-related content ) ,

And for the this articles are already shared on my account twitter .

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Approved by OWS moderator