Sandbox [November 2021] Reward Claim of [beyond7ub#5185]

Thanks for this opportunity OWS team… This month I have learnt lot more about the protocol technically and spent time on that. So, here my contribution details in OWS for the NEAR blockchain.

Claim 1: Act: Creation of Infographics for the concept related to NEAR which is more specifically such as advertising and publishing the Application Upgradation details

  1. Top 10 NFT project details as crisp:
  2. About NEAR DROP 1.0 Publish:
  3. MODA DAO:
  4. (I don’t think this has enough details for infographics work. Just did in my interest. may consider it as meme) Illia Polosukhin Nomination as the Best CEO in the blockchain in cryptoawards

Rewards for the activity: 3 infographics + 1 meme(if accepted) = $30 +$5 =$35

Claim 2: Meme creation



Rewards for the activity: 9 x $5 =$45

Claim 3: Share one Sandbox / NEAR related post: 3 USD

Link to see the End Result:

Claim 4: Social Media Force Activity
Twitter Followers Reached= 500+ ( currently 504)
One time reward is $100
Link to see the End Result:

Infographics: 35 USD
Meme creation: 45 USD
Share Posts: 3 USD
Regular Postings and Shares for the entire month ( Active in Social Media) = 100 USD
Twitter 500 Followers Reached = 100 USD
Total = 35+45+3+100+100= 283 USD

** The proposed amount is 283 USD**

Once Again thanks for this great opportunity to learn this @OWS. I have realized how $NEAR will help to our future. But as the tester/developer, I want to contribute something for the NEAR protocol. So that I have spending lot of time on learning near things and finance education offline. May be next time I more claim on research and document things :blush:.
Thanks to @Jacopo for the help to understand and to deliver the quality work.


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Hello FutureIsNear ! Thanks for your contribution.

Top 10 NFT - Low quality - Grammatical inconsistencies


Paras could be with the P in upletter as any other.

Grea? you wanted to say great* platform right ?

  1. NEAR DROP :white_check_mark:
MODA DAO - without reach

Why you missed tagging @MODA_DAO twitter account ?

  1. Illia meme :white_check_mark:

About Meme creation, remember to share your content on our Discord, you should use the #swineguild channel so everyone can comment and share ideas.

Congrats on the 500+ followers !!! :partying_face:

I’m only concerned now about the scope of your posts and memes, you have 500+ followers but only 5-8 likes on memes

This one for example only 3 likes

You should do some research on why is that happening so you will be able to fix it. Let me know if you need more help.

Could you provide us with your followers statistics ?

About the Claim 3, you share your twitter but that task is about promoting Sandbox/NEAR on other community chat/groups. Example: Chilling NEAR on a Telegram Crypto Enthusiast Channel

Approved - $160 -

Hi @FritzWorm ,
Thank you so much for the reviewing my contribution.
I have messaged you my comments.


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10 Meme → $50
1 Infographic → $10

Daily Activity → $100 - even when there was no activity the 13 Nov or 1 Nov or few days in october, you should have daily activity from 25 Oct to 25 Nov (One month) Or this month at least but 25 Nov is also missing -

Tip: Share your content on the Discord channel + Create your own community this is not for every NEAR contributor to follow each other + Sustain your channel: grow your followers, posting updates/news/comments with daily tweets

@FritzWorm Thanks for the Answer.
Can I claim it on next month for 500+ followers If posted contents reached well?

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Please stay tunned for an AMA I will be setting up. =) So we can all improve our work and be rightfully/reasonably rewarded :rocket:

For the time being we are not going to save claims for other months

Again, thank you for your work ! :v: :beers:

@FritzWorm ,
Thanks for the AMA. That will be more useful for us. :blush::fire:
I did not say to save the claims. I meant like I will work for the next month contribution. If the next month contribution works well in the sense can i claim this 500+ followers? This is what i m asking for clarifications.

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