Sandbox [November 2021] Reward Claim of [Jubiee#9348]

OWS Claim Sheet

Claim #1: Infographics

Act: Creation of Infographics for Concept related to NEAR and post it on the active social media.

Series: Brainstorm Collection of Infographics and posted in social media.

Link for the Activity:

Activity 1: ( Infographics)

Total infographics, 4 *10 = 40$

Claim#2: MEME creation

Total Meme =16 Maximum claim is 90$

Claim#3: Social Media Force
Daily Activity in the Social Media, rewards is 100$
Share NEAR related concept in the social media , 3$

So, the total claim is 100+3+90+40= 233$


Approved: 2 * $10 = $20 (infographics)

Infographic feedback: please see to increase the styling of your infographics. If you are placing text in objects, make sure the text in centred. Also, try and avoid serif fonts - they are hard to read in this context.

This material is blurry and unfortunately cannot be accepted.

10 * $5 = $50 (memes)

Feedback: some memes did not have enough likes to be eligible.

$50 (Occasional activity)

tot: $120