Sandbox [November] Reward claim of [olive_adam#6884]

Hi @OWS,
It was a great experience in promoting the NEAR protocol with OWS team. There is more quality information about the NEAR protocol when illia said about the scalability and usability. Being a software engineer, I m new to this blockchain concept and still struggling to learn the protocols and developer usage as well. But As a near holder, I m completely excited about the collaboration of different projects with the NEAR will be a boom and the value will be higher than we predicted. Still, I m very weak to propagate this with blog writing and I wish to give quality submission. So as of now, the best I have tried is the $NEAR qualities in social media only and I have referred one person which is my friend.
Please look into my works.

Claim 1: infographics ACT


Rewards: 2*10=20 USD

Claim 2: Meme creation


Meme rewards: 8* 5= 40USD

Claim 3: Social Media Health

Followers Reached: 257 so the Reward is 50 USD
Share the Near related post ( Quoted Shares) : 3 USD
Daily Activity in the Social Media ( propagation about NEAR, Advertise and Friends Referral): 100 USD

So total,
20 + 40 + 50 + 3 + 100 = 213 USD

Thank you so much,

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Hi @olive, thank you for your great work.

Claim #1: Accepted. Note that thereโ€™s some tips to improve your infographics:

  • Improve image resolution
  • Present text with better contrast background
  • Arrange logos and content with more reasonable ratio and in a more organized structure.

Claim #2: Accepted 6/8 Memes
Unapproved memes:

Reason: Memes compare (or trigger, regard,โ€ฆ) other coin/token/platform arenโ€™t accepted.

Claim #3: Approved for 200 followers bonus, Near related post shared & occasional tweets with caption. DM sent to clarify

Approved for the DAO application for $153


  • 2 Infographics: $20
  • 6 Memes: $30
  • Bonus (200followers): $50
  • Near related post shared: $3
  • Occasional tweets with caption: $50
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