Sandbox [JULY 2021] Reward Claim of [MIGUELDISCORD #8471]

Hi NEARians, this is my first month as collaborator

Promotion: Social Media NEAR Force

Social Media NEAR Forece → Creation of a channel → reach 100 followers

Content Creation → Memes → Collection of 10 memes

Bringing Developers to NEAR Academy Bring a Developer to NEAR Academy
New developer: Henry Eraso

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Claim currently on hold: it will be reviewed after the 15th of August.

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August 15 has already passed

@vrdoingthings I am waiting for your response

Send me a DM on discord please.

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@vrdoingthings what’s your discord

my username on discord is vrdoingthings

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@vrdoingthings the 4 numbers to send you the message are missing

Hey there! Why dont you join the OWS discord with us? Here’s the link : Open Web Sandbox :upside_down_face: You’ll be able to DM moderators once you land in the server.

General, you’ll need to DM a moderator before you start working here, not after.

Needs to be edited, approved for 40 NEAR