Sandbox [December] Reward claim of [olive_adam#6884]

Dear OWS,
2021 was great with this community. I have studied a lot in terms of communication, presentation skills, etc. I have pushed myself more to convey the information, events to our community in terms of words and graphics, and a lot more to do

MY SOCIAL MEDIA LINK (Twitter) to see my activity,
Claim 1: Infographics

    Claim 2: Simple Design
    Total Reward= 4x10 +15*5=$115

Claim 3: Share NEAR related news/projects to other related Communities/groups
1. NEAR Article Share to Aurora Community

2. SynFutures collaboration

3. To Aurora TG group
Telegram: Contact @auroraisnearofficialchat
4. NEAR Event with Encode Club Share

5. Near’s Simple Nightshade share to NEARPAD community

Total Reward for Sharing Information= 5*3=$15

Claim 4: Social MEDIA Force
Daily Activity/ Grow Followers / Update News to the community
Tweet Impressions =5112 (24.9%) from Twitter Analytics
Followers increased from 260 to 273
Daily Tweets Throughout the month = 63 tweets
Reward= $100
Twitter Link -

Total Reward Value is 115+100+15=$225

OWS Survey Form Completion As I m the contributor for 3 months, Reward 2$NEAR

The estimated reward for the proposal is $225 + 2$NEAR

Thank you for the great opportunity. It’s amazing to contribute and grow ourselves. Feedback is very important to mold ourselves. So looking forward to hearing that.

Thanks and Regards,
Olive Adam

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Hey @olive, Thank you for the Contribution towards open web sandbox , Happy new Year.

Claim #1 - Infographics - 1,2,3 - Accepted While 4 which cannot be Accepted as per the Quality Guidelines , the Wordings are more in the Infographics which difficult to read While the Infographics should be More Comprehensive and Easy to Understand.

Claim #2 - Simple Design Accepted
Claim #3

Claim Rejected as the Content are Shared within Near system ,while the Requirement is to have share on other Crypto Communities

Claim #4 - Social Media Near Force - Rejected - Event though the Account has the Daily activity i see there is no much of a Traction Happened in the Account where the Quote tweets doesnt have even 1 likes for most of the post.

Total Claim - 30 + 115 = 145USD

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Hello @Monish016,
Thank you for reviewing!
About Claim#4, How Can it be fully rejected? All the tweets are current trends on the corresponding days.

See analysis picture. The posts get more impressions which means that it is reaching more people. I believe traction will happen once the followers reached a certain high level. We should work on bringing more engagements by the way. But Rejecting the Full reward is completely not fair.


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Hey, Could you see, There is Not even a Single number of Likes from the Account which quote Tweeted, There are only 1 Likes, which I considered in this case. i totally i could not approve this time,
you can add meaningful captions to the retweets. This will create value for the ecosystem and will also allow you to add your personal touch to the previously generated content and therefore to attract your audience.
° Avoid simple captions like ‘Look at this!’ or ‘Check this out!’. Again, these don’t bring much-added value to the original content.
° Tweet regularly - your presence matters!
° Check out our AMA on best Social Media Practices.