Sandbox [ December ] Reward Claim of [ Ohm#9096 ] [ pranav_007.near ]


  1. CONTENT CREATION : written an article about Near protocol on Quora


  1. [Article on Qoura] (


Estimated Reward 40

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Welcome NEARcomer :white_check_mark:

Let’s see, you have only 2 followers on quora:

And you got 10 views for your Educational Content.


Will be nice if you can spread your content so other people can see it, like sharing it on a tweet.

Also would be great if you ask us anything and interact on Discord, there is 0 interaction from you right now.

To be approved all content creation needs to follow this guideline

There are some important mistakes on the publication:


And please, it is important too to have quotes of experts in the field and/or hyperlink where possible

Thank you for your hard work, this time the claim is rejected, hope you can improve for next month. Cheers :beers: