Sandbox [December] Reward Claim of [Ravichandran#9444]

Claim #1: Content Creation


Type of activity: Articles

Briefly describe the activity: Article about NEAR Protocol Projects in 2021. Title: NEAR Protocol – Glance of 2021

Provide the link to the end result:

$40X500 Words: Total = 6400 Words, Then Reward = $512

Estimate your reward accounting for all the activities: $512

Claim#2 : Social Media NEAR Force

Type of activity: Twitter (Social Media Near Force)

Briefly describe the activity: Sustain your Channel, posting updates/news/comments. Daily Retweet with Captions.

Provide the link to the end result:

Estimate your reward accounting for all the activities:$ 100

Total rewards claim: $512+ $100 = $ 612 (Claim Cap $300) + 2NEAR for OWS survey form

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Hello @Ravichandran

Hope you can improve your writing, better use of titles for example and check the use of commas here:

The daily activity claim is rejected, you should find ways to growth the interaction, like run some strategies to increase twitter engagement


Amount approved: $50 twitter occasional activity + 2N

Please share your Medium stats today in order to be able to complete the review of your publication, this is an example of my own publications stats:

Hi @FritzWorm only 4days gone …21views r there … I spent more time to create this article.Kindly consider …coming months,I am planning to write each & every project which r collaborated with near in 2021. Thank u …I hope for the best …

Click on Stats for all stories please and share the pic please

Dear @FritzWorm bro,
I wrote only one story …for that only story I gave claim. Please check …

Sorry Ravichandran, I cant understand how this story is helpful or create value for the community.

I summarise Whole 2021 collaboration of near protocol …

Yeah I see, but the way you did it need to be improved, it is not an easy text to read, that’s why I am asking for the stats, why taking so long ?

This much stats only I am getting …
Also consider my Twitter activities as atleast occasional activities… i spent more time to learn & deliver …

I understand so we get 6 reads (one was myself) with AVG Reading time of 7 minutes, from a reading that should take 25 minutes.

Now you can see that this publication is too hard to read, please take the feedback and learn more about how to write better publications, how to improve english writing skills.


Ok.thank u for ur feedback …atleast consider my Twitter activities as occasional activities …

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