Sandbox [December] Reward Claim of [KARTHIK#4656] [ryder90.near]

Claim #1: social media NEAR Force
Type of Activity: social media NEAR Force.
Briefly describe the activity: Creation of a channel – Twitter Named @TunesNear

Link to profile -

Social media force - 100$

Claim #2 : simple design

Create a simple-design (logo and text over some background/image)

Link to activity:

Reward - 15 * 5 = 75$

Claim #3

Promotion in community chats/groups
Link to activity -

Reward = 30*3= 90$

Total Claim = 100 + 75 + 90 = 265$

Filled ows survey form - 2N

Total claim = 265$ and 2N

Hello @ryder90

  1. Daily Activity Rejected because of 0 interaction on several posts
  2. Promotion in Telegram Group - $90 Approved
  3. Survey form approved 2N

Total amount: $90 + 2N

Hello there. Not all the posts have zero interaction. Kindly check out and can you check my claim again claim 2 simple designs are not reviewed.

@ryder90 please take our feedback, you need to improve your simple design quality, both rejected.

This is an simple design example that we will approve:

Also, having zero interaction in some post is enough to reject the daily activity claim.

Final decision: $140 + 2N

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Oh well and good. .

Good review

In ows quality guidelines logos with some text is referred as simple designs.thats what I have made

And occasional twitter activity has been done .

The daily activity claim is rejected, because it has not enough interaction to be considered, we encourage you to find ways to growth the interaction, like run some strategies to increase twitter engagement

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What are the requirements for daily activity claim according to ows?

This is from last month conversation on the general chat of OWS on Discord:

another quote:

Also, kindly, please check guidelines:


I’m not happy with the claim. As I have delivered consistent work for ows and will continue the same. Will be perfect next month


i request atleast provide me ocassional activity. because not all tweets have zero interaction and i have done the work throughout the month

@ryder90 please understand that the point is we will reward you for building your own community and maintain it.

There should be not doubt on that contributors are doing a great contribution to the ecosystem, I encourage you to improve for next month.

The fact that you are replying to soo different account is a good sign you are doing a great effort, I will accept the claim for occasional activity

Final reward is $140 + 2N

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