Sandbox [November] Reward Claim of [nearism#7927]

Claim #1: social media NEAR Force
Type of Activity: social media NEAR Force.
Briefly describe the activity: Creation of a channel – Twitter Named @NEARISMM
Twitter profile -

1.Social media force - 100$
2.Bonus reaching 200 followers-50$(390 followers)
Total = 150$


Total - 8
Rewards = 8x10 = 80$

Total = 150+80 = 230$

Thank you

Hey there! Thank you for your report, your input is appreciated by our team :slight_smile:
My feedback:

Claim 1 - Social Media: I see that you weren’t posting daily and therefore your work qualifies as an occasional activity only (50USD).

Another remark I have here is that your captions are pretty short and add very little to no extra value to the original tweet. Next month, make sure to add meaningful captions to the retweets. Not only will you create additional value this way but also will be able to differentiate your account from other Twitter accounts. This will be looked at next time you submit a report.

50USD followers bonus is approved but please keep in mind that as of December this category will be eliminated from the Rolling Opportunities. Our team believes that community growth is a logical process that follows the hard work that is already being paid for.

Claim 2 - Infographics: While nicely designed, unfortunately, these aren’t infographics. Infographics should represent a lot of qualitative data in a capacious and visually comprehensive way. Yours are simple designs that are rewarded with 5USD per piece.
You can find good examples of infographics here. Besides, we will be organising an AMA with experienced Sandboxers where they will share their tips and tricks on how to make good infographics so keep an eye on our Twitter for more details :slight_smile:

Total reward: 50 +50 + 40 = 140USD

Hope you will be able to implement my feedback in your future work!

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