Sandbox [November] Reward Claim of [KARTHIK#4656]

Claim #1: social media NEAR Force
Type of Activity: social media NEAR Force.
Briefly describe the activity: Creation of a channel – Twitter Named @TunesNear

Link to profile -

Social media force - 100$
Bonus( 500followers) = 100$
(Tweet impressions 11.1K
Profile visits
546 )


Total = 6 memes x 5$ = 30$

TOTAL Claim = 200+30 = 230$

Hi @ryder90, thank you for your contribution.

Claim #1: Accepted, great work. Note that there are some tips to improve your channel:

  • Captions should be more informative instead of “check out”, “check it out”, “get ready”, “those are awesome”, … (Of course can be used occasionally for sharing simple posts, we’d love to see more informative tweet)

  • Good posting plan with categories, keep rocking

  • Recommend using infographic to enrich your content (can be applied for infographic reward, too)

Claim #2: Accepted 4/6 memes

Unaccepted memes:

Reason: Memes compare (or trigger, regard,…) other coin/token/platform aren’t accepted.

Approved for the DAO application for $220
Social media force - 100$
Bonus (500followers) - 100$
Meme (4 qualified) - 20$

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will do my best .
have a good day

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He has a lot of posts without likes, and some posts he just retweeted without comments, he also has meaningless comments.

Sometimes this happens, a small ANT in a BIG WILD FOREST…!