[APPROVED] Marma J Foundation - December

November Report: [REPORT] Marma J Foundation - November Report

Target: marmaj.sputnik-dao.near

DAO Council: @bianca / @chloe

Main project for the month: [APPROVED] MarmaJchan's Birthday Party

Budget for proposal: $5,000 USD (100% of the funds to go to the NearHub team + creators from the community)

The month of November was full of excitement within the marmaj community. We have a DTIYS challenge that saw hundreds of NFTs created (on Mintbase and Paras) and submitted to be collected by the marmaj DAO).

The DAO ended up collecting over 150 NFTs over the month (Paras gallery can be seen here: https://marmaj.org/marmajchan/)

The goal of the birthday party for MarmaJchan is meant to showcase and celebrate the creativity of the marmaj/NEAR community. It is also a great way to support the growing VR/metaverse ecosystem @ Near by funding room creation by the NearHub team.


Happy to mark this proposal approved! Feel free to ask the payout of 718 N (8.47pm GMT, coingecko) to the Creatives ASTRO :slight_smile:


Amazing! Iam creating rooms in NearHubs, and so happy with the evolution inside our ecosystem and new assets in horizontal menu. I prefer investment inside near hubs than cryptovoxel.
Congratulations NearHub’s team and this amazing propose.