[request] payout as discord moderator for july


as the discord moderator from june 15 - july 15,

i created a bridge between my discord channel and blaqkstereos, some members from my community joined.

i introduced people from the telegram to the discord regularly and put them those who joined through how to navigate discord.

i also activated the music channel

requesting $100 payout
target wallet: reespect.near

note: i will unfortunately not be able to continue as the discord moderator because i have some other responsibilities right now, but i appreciate the time spent here.

tagging @Hawwal @cotmusic for visibility

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Hello @reespect
Thanks for your report presented, I would like to point out some things though just for the sake of clarity and proper documentation, could you give a definite number along with names if possible of the people you brought or introduced into the Blaqk Stereo Discord Channel as well as the dates you organized the music listening on the music channels.

on the day i took over the server there was 10 members and 6 bots accumulated from january till june 15.

after i took over as moderator no less than 10 new people have joined with bridges launched on telegram and my channel.

i made myself available and welcomed newbies with backchat to teach them the way around.

the music lounge was launched on the 5th of july with members joining in

once again thank you.

Thanks for the Report. would inform you when to proceed to Astro for your payout.

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Hello @reespect you may proceed to create a ‘proposal’ (not a poll) on Blaqk stereo Astro Dao to collect your July 2022 discord moderation pay of $100 USD in Near. Ensure to post a link on our TG page when done for visibility.
Add a link to this report on your proposal.
Cheers :clinking_glasses:

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