[Report Week 4] Near peer to peer (P2P) DaPP NEAR-DEx

In reference to our proposal, mentioned here:

The progress of the week, starting on Monday 03/22:

Alan Estrada - @cloudmex-alan
Cristian Zambrano - @Cristian

Project members
Andrés Dominguez @andresdom
Maria Eugenia Arevalo @Developer
Gabriel Pérez @Gperez

Frontend: We worked on showing the smart contracts on the frontend, integrating with near-api-js and the user data interface was started to finish the registration cycle on the platform.

Backend: We work with functions such as merchants, payment methods, shopping list, sales list, search function, generate to filter options in the offers, for example, by payment method, or amount.

This is the list of the created functions and the parameters they require

ofertas de venta

-get_offers_sell ‘{“campo”: “”, “valor”: “”}’
-set_offers_sell ‘{“owner_id”: “”, “asset”: “”, “exchange_rate”: “”, “amount”: “”, “min_limit”: “”, “max_limit”: “”, “payment_method”: , “status”: }’

ofertas de compra

-get_offers_buy ‘{“campo”: “”, “valor”: “”}’
-set_offers_buy ‘{“owner_id”: “”, “asset”: “”, “exchange_rate”: “”, “amount”: “”, “min_limit”: “”, “max_limit”: “”, “payment_method”: , “status”: }’


-set_merchant ‘{“user_id”: “”, “total_orders”: “”, “orders_completed”: “”, “badge”: “”}’
-put_merchant ‘{“user_id”: “”, “total_orders”: “”, “orders_completed”: “”, “badge”: “”}’
-delete_merchant ‘{“user_id”: “”}’

metodos de pago

-set_payment_method ‘{“payment_method”: “”, “input1”: “”, “input2”: “”, “input3”: “”, “input4”: “”, “input5”: “”}’
-put_payment_method ‘{“id”: , “payment_method”: “”, “input1”: “”, “input2”: “”, “input3”: “”, “input4”: “”, “input5”: “”}’
-delete_payment_method ‘{“id”: }’

It is pending to encrypt the payment method data and to attach the user data such as name, surname, email.


We work on the integration of point-to-point chat sessions and generation of conversations in firebase.

Points were reviewed such as the creation of a query via console to build the Jason that will be saved in the contract Optimization of the source code for the creation of the warning message in the chat room