Proponent: Filmes de Infiltração

NEAR account for payment: filmesdeinfiltracao.near

Project Timeline: April 10th – April 30th


Objective: The main objective of this project was to produce 3 video pills as a way to inaugurate the work of FEMINU DAO. The 3 videos were connected to the FEMINU Exhibition (Feminine NFTs Universe Exhibition) that took place on March 8th - March 27th, at the Museu.xyz at Cryptovoxels. All of them were also posted on the FEMINU Youtube, in a playlist called Video Pills - FEMINU

During the month the artists were invited to participate in the event Video Pills FEMINU.

As an open format, the proponent, filmesdeinfiltracao, opened for the artists to feel free in case they wanted to give their own look to the audiovisual pills, making their videos a personal and performative presentation of the way they saw themselves in front of and behind the cameras, or also in case they wanted to deliver a raw material for filmesdeinfiltracao to work with.

About each video:

Perfume Tropical, performer and poet, proposed to make her own video pill. There she plays with the elements of her being in performance, noises and music and raw and magical presentation of who she is.

L3v1at4, musician, video artist and performer also proposed to make his own video. His look at himself, playing with interference art and a generative art translates many elements of who he is.

Mayra, a photographer in rediscovery sent her photos and a statement, which was then edited and worked on by filmsdeinfiltracao. A composition between photography and sound design tries to translate what is seen of Mayra when she meets FEMINU and her art.

Justification (benefits): This is the first time in the NFT world that occurred an exhibition exclusive for trans, cis women and non-binary artists and this is important, first of all because in the art market as in every market, this gender is underpaid and don’t have the same opportunities as men. The videos represent some of our artists, where they can share a little about them and about the work, their conquests in physical and metaverse art and they can talk about their experiences in the Exhibition.

The videos will remain in history as a record of this ephemeral moment, bringing up issues that are at the height of occidental, and especially Latin American gender and art discussions.

You can find all the videos on FEMINU YouTube channel.


About the budget, we had a little reorganization, since two artists also made their own video, it was fair enough to share the amount of this work with them.

Each invited artist received 50 USD for their testimonial as previously planned, total of 150 USD in Near/DAI

Perfume Tropical received 100 USD in Near/DAI for proposing their own video.

L3v1at4 received 100 USD in Near/DAI for proposing their own video.

filmesdeinfiltracao received for the proposal, report, curation, artist’s invitation, organization of the materials, uploading to the youtube channel, deadlines as well as for the editing, sound design, credits and finalization of Mayra’s fim 226 USD in Near/DAI

TOTAL: 566.66 USD in Near/DAI

Find the playlist bellow and enjoy the artists!!!

Greetings and love!

Artistic name: Filmes de Infiltração
multidisciplinary artist

Filmes de Infiltração permeates the interdisciplinary boundaries between the visual arts, cinema, theater, dance, working many times in collaboration with other artists.

twitter: @de_infiltracao | Filmes de Infiltração