[ REPORT] upcycled dao september / october


September / October monthly report

Project Name: Creative Upcycled art exhibition.

Daos Name: Upcycled dao
Project Status: completed

Council Members:

Balance: total value 14.89USD, 9.1892Near

Astrodao: upcyclers-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Report of Project 1

The Creative upcycled art exhibition was called Art attack it was done on the 22 of October 2022. just as stated in our proposal, we introduced Near to all upcycled artist and guest, opened about 50 Near wallet a few will be listed below:
we also thought them how to mint some of their art works to the web 3 space under our mint base store (https://www.mintbase.io/launchpad/stores/0). We also got a professional ecofriendly and upcycled artist to teach and address the guest and upcyclers on new ways to reuse waste into art.
we onboarded about 8 upcycled artist for the exhibition and the minting of some of their art works are still in process. we sent out NFT tickets to all our guest and NFT badge to all onboarded upcycled artist. We connected the upcyclers to some potential investors. it was a fun event, guest and artist left intrigued to know more about Near and upcycling. pictures and videos of this event been attached as a link above.

Report on Project 2:
After onboarding the upcycled artist we got them to make some upcycled artwork from waste such as pet bottles, news paper, plastic straws etc. https://photos.app.goo.gl/NNQD9BD3tonzqjmaA . The images of some of this art works are in this link provided.

In September / October one of our highlights is the introduction of artist, upcyclers, and guest into the web 3 space, the Near ecosystem, NFTs, upcycling etc. it was also our first project under the ecosystem, we made a lot of mistakes which we have leant from the questions and reply’s we got from other Daos, and we know we would correct all by our next month’s projects. we opened our own mint-based store.

we also highlight the teaching section we had during the upcycled art exhibition called art attack. it gave both the upcyclers, guest and we the host insights on the web 3 space, Near ecosystem, NFTs, waste to art, etc.


  • Need to create a medium/long term action plan considering the possibilities of interaction within the ecosystem.
  • Need to create a better communication plan to expand, identify and improve engagement with our new upcyclers and artist to achieve our goals.

next steps:

  • Invest more in our quest to onboard more upcyclers and broadens Nears reach more to our community.
  • We need to rethink our priority activities in order to focus more on the web3, and Near ecosystem.
  • Finding strategies to create engagement on social media.
  • Create partnerships with other Dao on similar or diverse projects
  • Creating bounties for the Dao.
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