[REPORT] UniqArt x LATF 2.0 – Live Concert NFT Ticketing Partners

Live At The Factory, aka LATF is a music festival in Chandigarh, India that showcases music, dance, comedy, art and local businesses. On May 8th, LATF 2.0 had its second edition and UniqArt was a proud sponsor of the event!

UniqArt x LATF 2.0

NFT Ticketing

A collaboration between UniqArt and LATF made it possible for attendees to purchase event tickets as NFTs on the Artist’s Marketplace – NFT Ticket

LATF Ticket Details

Other than an excellent chance to explore the world of NFTs, holders of this NFT also get exclusive benefits:

  1. Free Ticket to LATF 3.0
  2. Exclusive Airdrops of NFTs released by all the artists performing at LATF 2.0
  3. Airdrops of Music NFTs from select artists on UniqArt
  4. Complimentary Redbull at the event (we’ll give you wings; haha)

How To Redeem:

  1. You can show the NFT in your NEAR wallet on the day of the event

Key takeaways?

• 10 Exclusive NFT tickets sold out
• Onboarded new artists!
• HAD A LOT OF FUN!:tada:

Why NFT Ticketing?

NFTs are disrupting almost every industry, including Ticketing.

With NFT Ticketing, buyers don’t have to worry about the drawbacks of traditional ticketing methods, such as:

  • Black Marketing
  • Fake Tickets
  • Fraud
  • Customer Trust

NFTs have the potential to enhance the ticketing experience for buyers and organisers by:

  • Receiving added perks set by the Artists
  • Easy sale of tickets they can’t attend
  • Collectors/Fan paradise, as they can own a part of history
  • Being a part of a growing community


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