[Introduction] UniqArt - Bringing Music NFTs to NEAR

Hello everyone!

I’ve been a part of this forum and NEAR community for a while but never really got around to introducing myself and what I’ve been building. Better late than never, so here we go:

I’m Shubham Semwal and I’m the founder and CEO of UniqArt, India’s first NFT Marketplace for Music. While successfully pursuing my passion for music, I graduated as an engineer from Punjab Engineering College, India. I’ve been working in the Indian Music Industry as a music director and consultant for the past few years.

Even after being one of the top Independent artists on Spotify India in 2021, I was frustrated by the monopoly of major labels and rampant exploitation of artists. Appalled by the lack of resources and support for musicians during the Covid Pandemic, I realised we needed to change things in the industry and decided to use the tools of Web3 to bring back power to artists. I obtained a Grant from NEAR Protocol for this idea and have been working day and night on this since then. I was fortunate to have met both of my amazing cofounders @johnreyam and @pratsatya during this crazy rollercoaster journey of BUIDLing.

About UniqArt

UniqArt is India’s first NFT Marketplace for musicians. Our plan is bring Music NFTs to NEAR. We also cater to graphic designers, illustrators, 3D artists etc. We aim to provide a seamless onboarding experience for artists and an easy-to-use interface for users. There’s a lot of speculation about the adoption of blockchain technology and NFTs (especially in India) so we’re trying to bridge the gap between artists and fans through our platform.

We’re pleased to share with you all that we’re finally live on Mainnet and working hard to onboard creators and collectors to our marketplace.

We would love for everyone from the NEAR Community to shower us with love and support!
Feel free to ping us with any questions and suggestions you have.

These are our socials:
Twitter - https://twitter.com/uniqartnft
Instagram - Login • Instagram
Discord - UniqArt
Medium - https://uniqart.medium.com/


Very welcome to the great NEAR ecosystem!

The idea to bring back the power to Artists :star_struck::heart:

Good luck for the project!

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keep up the good work!

Great looking site.

I am very interested in music NFTs.

Would love to hear more about how you plan to do music NFTs.


Hi! Currently we are onboarding independent artists from across the globe and helping them build communities and find new fans through NFT Airdrops and Sales from their personal profiles.

We are also actively incubating Music NFT Projects similar to Royal and Sound that are focused on early artist discovery and royalty sharing to further push interest in Music NFTs. Also planning some NFT projects that combine both Art pfp and Music.

If there are people in the community who’d want to get involved with us and build a vibrant music NFT community on $NEAR, please reach out to me :slight_smile:


@NaruKwina Here is a music NFT project that could be interesting to connect with


I am very new to Near (1 day) so I am just learning about the space. I am a recording artist working on new projects and I am intersteed inlearning more about what you are doing.


Great initiative, Great project, sounds great.


Hey Naru!
You can reach out to our team on Twitter or Instagram. We’d be more than happy to help you out :slight_smile:

Thank you. Would appreciate you spreading the word around.

@shiftshapr would love to connect with you and understand how we can increase our reach in the NEAR community. I want to contribute as much as I can to the growth of music in web3