[Report] Trove Labs - NEAR APAC “Founders Brunch” Event + NEAR APAC Coverage (N@N)

Greetings from Near at Night!

Original Proposal

Words cannot describe how grateful we are to the NEAR community and the marketing DAO for all the support they have shown for Near at Night!

Near at Night continues to prove the importance of social media exposure for important ecosystem teams on NEAR. We have fostered countless connections within the NEAR community with guests from all over the Near community and beyond. Recently we have had the pleasure to travel to Vietnam for NEAR APAC.

Marketing Activity: We held a founders brunch event on Sept 10th, with 20 attendees signing up, and 8 showing up. We also created the following highlight Video from footage taken from the duration of the conference.

We also held a NEAR APAC rewind spaces after the conference was complete.


In-person meetups such as founder events are extremely impactful and helpful for creating lasting connections and relationships that help build the Near ecosystem. We were able to meet Aurora from Zestif, a Vietnamese web3 development company. One of the main takeaways we had from the conference was that a majority of the attendees were college students and young adults curious about web3 and Near protocol. This was an extremely different demographic from the usual projects teams, Investors, and developers at conferences like Nearcon, and Consensus.

It was somewhat difficult to onboard new projects onto Near protocol from the Apac region due to the lack of attendances from these groups.

One thing we were able to observe was the effectiveness of activities using ShardDog links and Keypom links to onboard individuals to Near via giveaway incentives and prizes. Cafe Cartel was able to onboard a large amount of wallets via their espresso stand.

For event proposals in the future, Near at Night will focus on using onboarding links with technology like ShardDog to encourage on-chain transactions and wallet creation in conjunction with live coverage and content creation. We would like to thank the MDAO and the community for once again supporting our proposal!

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