[Report] Transparency Commission Investigation On Voting Body Proposal #4

Transparency Commission: Voting Body Proposal #4 Report [Approved]

Submission ID: abbb6c1c-29e2-484d-a6e8-10f50ccaa643

Submission time: 2024-03-04T15:55:33.288Z

Subject of Investigation: VB Proposal #4

Nature of Investigation: Voting Body Proposal to Change Quorum

Summary of the report: Vote Buying in Voting Body Proposal

  1. Findings on the report against Near Hausa :
  • Near Hausa has confirmed organizing a task regarding Voting Body Proposal #4 in their Zealy campaign. The questions were raised because the Zealy platform offers rewards for completing the tasks. After a call with Near Hausa members for clarification and several weeks of investigation with them to find the evidence, we found that they don’t have evidence;

a) If the XPs attached to the particular task were removed one by one from each participant in Zealy who completed the task.

b) If the community was made aware of the fact beforehand that there is no reward or XPs for the voting body task in Zealy.

  1. Findings on the report against Dima & Luchito :
  • We haven’t found any direct evidence of vote buying from Dima & Luchito as part of the Aurora Community DAO team. The post reported in the complaint was a general post in the Aurora Ambassadors Group and doesn’t include any form of influence, reward, or direction to the particular option for voting. Luchito has additionally provided evidence that the voting task wasn’t included in the task list on Talentum.

  • Luchito mentioned that ambassadors did not receive any tasks related to voting and had payment discussions before the VB Proposal began.

  • Bishi is not a part of the Aurora Ambassadors program as claimed in the report. He posted the questionable post on his account to airdrop users to vote which he deleted within some minutes, accepted his mistake, and took responsibility.

Conclusion & Recommendations :

  1. Votes from the Near Hausa community who voted through the Zealy campaign should be removed from the proposal. Thanks to the Near Hausa team for cooperating in the investigation and providing the list of the wallets extracted from the Zealy platform. Near Hausa Zealy Wallets - Google Sheets

  2. Since there is no evidence of vote buying from Aurora Community DAO, their votes should be considered organic & valid and should not be removed.

  3. The actual quorum based on the Voting Body size at the time of the VB Proposal #4 should be cross-checked and updated by the Ops team on an urgent basis as only they have access to the Astra++ keys. We would request the Ops team to share the data with TC so we can verify the voting body calculation.

  4. However, the framework states the changes need to be made from the next Congress but the VB Proposal #4 mentions the implementation of changes from the current Congress. It is up to the Enforcer to acknowledge the changes and implement them if the proposal is approved after the fix of the quorum.


Update : Ops team has fixed the right quorum and removed all the unfair votes which we have advised. The proposal has ‘Rejected’ status now for not reaching the supermajority quorum.

Check here > https://near.org/astraplusplus.ndctools.near/widget/home?page=dao&tab=proposals&daoId=voting-body-v1.ndc-gwg.near&proposalId=10