[Feedback Requested] Community Voting and Input on Key Open Questions of the V1 Governance Framework:

Dear all,

As we have progressed in the development of the V1 governance framework we have run into a number of questions that seem to be the center of much interest and discussion. As a way of gauging public opinion on these topics, we would like to put them to vote so as to best understand what people are feeling and to see which are most needed in the V1.

For a high level overview of the different governing bodies and relevant assumptions, please see here: NDC Governance Framework V1.3 - Google Docs

Now for the open-questions that we ask everyone provide their feedback on (feel free to comment below specific questions and options, and we will add them in for the next round of feedback as well):

On Transparency Commission Accountability:

Topic 1

Should there be a limit on removals per year by the Transparency Commission?
  • (A) Yes
  • (B) No

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Topic 2

Should removals from a position in a governing body require a vote by all of the governing houses or solely the TC?
  • (A) No, the TC is qualified and capable of determining for themselves who is fit to serve.
  • (B) Yes, if the TC wishes to remove someone from a position of power, they should need the governing body to approve their decision in order for the member to actually be removed.

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Topic 3:

Should there be an external audit mechanism for oversight on the proposals passed by the HoM, done on a quarterly basis?
  • (A) Yes, and the treasury should finance the quarterly job in order to ensure effective budget allocation and oversight.
  • (B) No, the Transparency Commission and any interested community member can track proposals on-chain to verify conflicts of interest and effectiveness.

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Topic 4:

Should there be a mechanism by which any member of the governing body can put forward a removal challenge for an elected member of a house?
  • (A) A member can motion to remove a member of any house, if that motion receives X% of governing body vote in Y time period, then the member is removed.
  • (B) No, governing body members should not be able to motion to remove elected members of NDC.

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On the House of Merit:

Topic 5:

Should allocation proposals in the HoM be tranched over time, as opposed to deployed in lump sums?
  • (a) All allocation proposals should break up funding into milestones, such that the treasury is allocation is not allocated all at once, but over time.
  • (b) All allocation proposals should be deployed in a single lump sum.
  • (c) Only allocation proposals of certain amounts should be deployed as lump sums, with larger amounts allocated in tranches for specific milestones.

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Topic 6:

To what extent, should the governing body be involved in (1) passage of the setup package and budget, (2) removal and banning of members, (3) veto on budget decisions from HoM?
  • (A) governing body approval is required for all 1, 2 and 3.
  • (B) governing body can motion and vote on the removal of members.
  • (C) governing body can motion to nullify the setup package and reset the budget at any time.
  • (D) governing body can veto recurring and big ticket budget decisions by HoM at any time.
  • (E) all of the above.

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On the Voting Power and Involvement of the Larger Governing Body

Topic 7:

Should the governing body be eligible to dissolve the Congress and hold new elections?
  • (A) Yes, but only if a significantly high % of the governing body votes for it.
  • (B) No, because there are elections every X years anyway.

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Topic 8:

Should the governing body be eligible to surpass the HoM and pass their own budget allocation proposal for a large, small or recurring item, at any time?
  • (A) Yes, assuming X% of the governing body approves it.
  • (B) No, the sole capacity to allocate budget should be vested in the HoM.

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Topic 9:

Should the governing body hold a final check on members of the TC, and have the sole authority to remove members of the TC?
  • (A) Yes, this ensures proper overall checks on the TC power.
  • (B) No, the TC can self-regulate sufficiently to avoid this need.

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Great Questions. A summary of this survey should be included in the constitution analysis.

Also, it’s important to note that

  1. this is v1 setup, and over time, once we develop tools, more power will be provided to users.
  2. All major decisions, including big budget allocations, or even the directions of allocation (focus on DAO tooling or focus on mobile apps, etc…), Should also be justified by the forum or Near Social polls.

thank you for your contributions. voted on all topics. I believe NDC initiative will be a successful

Voted!Thanks for the questionnaire!