[Report] Transparency Commission Investigation on Aescobar

Transparency Commission Report : Aescobar (TC) (Approved)

Submission ID: 9d299f0b-87c1-4089-91e1-8a16e02bda0a

Submission time: 2024-02-25T12:20:38.967Z

Subject of Investigation: Aescobar

Nature of Investigation: Other

Summary of the report: Claims of misleading information regarding implementation of governance framework changes.

  • There is no point of report against Aescobar as he stated in the sentence from the current Governance Framework that the changes in the framework happen in the next congress.
  • We had a Voting Body Proposal #4 which states to implement changes from the current congress, at the time of approval of the proposal. However the proposal is rejected after the fix of quorum on Astra++.