(CLOSED) TNE Society onboarding (Developers&musicians) and social media marketing September

Hello, NEAR community!

First, I’m glad for the growth, popularity, and goals we have achieved within a short period of time after the June revamp, thanks to the combined effort of all the team members and limitless support from the marketing council and regional Dao administrations.

Community Name: TNE Society


Links to social media handles


Nearsocial: AstroDao

YouTube 1


Team lead myself

@alphaflex near.social


Team members, @Mimi2 (content), @bonaven (cm) @sek (content) @kellylove (content), @yomabasi(content), @Liaustin (developer), @mikekevin(developer)

During the coming month, we’ll keep adding quality by developing more on-chain activity, enrolling more active users, and generally delivering more value to the ecosystem and music projects.

Budget breakdown

  1. Education Article on NDC, BOS and music NFT ecosystem Dapps + social media management, and a workshop to explore the ecosystem Dapps and boss—$600

  2. AMA, quizzes, music/meme contests, infographics and video guide for BOS & Dapps also aiding members in creating all necessary profiles to easily adapt to the near future, and participating in the Dapps testnet: $600

  3. Web2 Developer Partnership with Softbreing to onboard developers to build on BOS and learn about the ecosystem.
    Web2 music community /collaboration remopondabeatz to onboard more musicians to mint their songs as NFT and explore the NFT Dapps ___ $500

  4. BOS building vital widget or component: $400

-building a widget that will direct visitors to all NFT-minted music by our musicians.
-building a link trees on BOS

Activities and content breakdown:

  • 1/2 educational twitter space AMA weekly to educate our community.

*2 community feedback call monthly

  • music and meme contest, quiz on near Social and weekend fun series.

  • Weekly Google meet workshop on ecosystem dapps and BOS with guest

  • Regular Updates: 2–5 Articles on Medium and blogs on our website at frequently set intervals with news and updates on our focus on NDC, NFT dApps and BOS monthly (KPI).

*4 infographics on NDC, BOS, dApp and community updates

  • 2–3 videos monthly


  1. The number of transactions increasing on BOS, including Astro Dao, Keypom, and Near Tip Bot (1000+) and pikespeak.ai will be used to track all transactions from community activities.

  2. total the number of people educated about NDC governance, BOS and active projects in the ecosystem-- 30+

  3. number of active developers to be onboarded: 5+

  4. On-chain onboarding Active BOS users to be onboarded: 20+ to contribute to generate more
    On-chain engagement and On-chain participation in ecosystem NFT dApps.

  5. BOS tools to be developed: 2

  6. social media community growth by 75%

strategy to implement

  1. Education Focus:
  • Produce high-quality educational content in various formats (articles, videos, images) to explain NDC governance, the benefits of BOS, and the active NFT projects within the ecosystem.
  • Host regular AMA and workshops to teach community members and developers how to build and use BOS and dapp(mintbase,paras,tamago,loozr, etc.).
  1. Active Community engagement:
  • Run fun activities and quizzes on-chain (nearsocial, easy pool) to keep your community engaged.
  • Music cover contest on Instagram, then onboard about 20–30 participants to upload all entries on Tamago and interact on Near Social, also using the easy pool.
  • Grow our social media presence interacting with like mind community and making creative posts subscribe to twitter blue to get more access and interact with wilder audience.
  • Using Near Tip bot and keypom to distribute rewards
    *The community will participate in project testing.
    *Using Near Social Easypool to vote on contests
  • Encourage community members to create content.
  • community contest/challenges on-chain to keep onboarded members active and contribute more to the ecosystem.
  1. Attract Developers:
  • Reach out to more developers and collaborate with their communities.
  • Offer grants and incentives to developers on board who successfully built an useful component or widgets.
  • Develop useful tools to support them.
  1. Measure Success:
  • will ensure to Track key performance indicators (KPIs) regularly.
  • Use data to make informed decisions and improve our strategy.
  1. Adapt and Listen:
  • there will be community call to Collect feedback from our community and will be flexible and adjust your approach based on what works best.

By following this simplified strategy, I and my team will be able to educate, engage, and attract both developers and community members (musicians) effectively.

All KPIs are strongly focused on the updated target set by the ecosystem, which increases the numbers of active Users and transactions, as well as the number of Tools on BOS and spreads the gospel of NDC and BOS By the end of the month, a thorough report outlining all the accomplishments will be delivered.

Total budget: $2 100 in $NEAR

Target wallet: 9jamusicalnftdao.sputnik-dao.near

Thanks for the support so far @marketingdao-councilas we keep building.


Thank you for your proposal and your great job.

Please link to your August report.

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Hello Bakaka our initial proposal was closed for august and we where funded through the Community constellation. I have filled the report sheet provided by the team and a full report will be made on forum by the constellation team. Thank you

Thanks for the proposal @Alphaflex – can you clarify which community DAO/entity provided your previous funding? It would be ideal for us to see a report on past progress in order to understand what you were able to do with the previous funding as a benchmark for future allocation.

Along with that, I would need more detail here in order to approve the proposal. There are a lot of great ideas, but it’s difficult to understand the full scope and content subject matter from this proposal. There are prices listed for an assortment of things, and the way it’s formatted does not explain what output the community will get for the funding and how the funding helps achieve the MDAO KPIs for September.

I’d recommend resubmitting when you can share your report, reducing the amount of activity and stating your strategy for aligning with the KPIs.

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hello @so608 Thanks for reviewing our proposal with the same request from Bakaka.

Our august funding was submitted as a constellation funded by M-DAO to promote the NDC election and I have now made a report for August election where are youcampaign, which has been submitted and attached to the proposal, The proposal has also been edited with more information as requested. Thanks! I look forward to your response.

Hello @Bakaka i have made the august report available and attached to the proposal thank you.

Thanks for your restructure, but I still find it difficult to understand what the deliverables are. As @so608 stated, “there are prices listed for an assortment of things, and the way it is formatted does not explain what output the community will get for the funding and how the funding helps achieve our KPIs.”

Unfortunately, I will not be supporting this proposal at this time, Try to resubmit next quarter.

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Thanks for your time taken to review our proposal btw I believe our proposal is focused on the KPI set as we will be partnering with a web2 developing team of 7 and also tasked to build two widgets states on the proposal that’s will be useful to the ecosystem.

Also a web2 music producer to increase increasing the number of musicians that will upload their music as NFT on Tamago and also exploring mintbase.

Adding to this creating educational articles, infographics and video to keep the community educated on the ecosystem and how to best utilize NDT Dapps on Near and also Build useful widget.

This will drive an increase in transaction, active users and on chain engagement.

I believe the budget breakdown has a list and amount that will be enough for all activity combined

Yes we know all project/community can’t be funded as there are limited budgets :blush:.
Looking forward to contributing more to the ecosystem and strength the ecosystem from our field. Thank thanks :pray:

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Hi @Alphaflex Thank you for submitting a proposal to the MDAO this month.

As of the close of the MDAO review period (9/15), this proposal has not received majority support from the MDAO council. This can be due to a number of factors (outstanding questions, details of KPIs, etc.), and we encourage you to reach out via Telegram with questions and consider resubmitting in the future. We are moving this proposal to closed.

We appreciate your participation in the NEAR ecosystem and look forward to future collaborations.

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