[REPORT THREAD] Filipino Artist Guild Artist Of The Month

Good Day Creatives,
Its a Great Day for Us and Hope with all Of you too,

Guild Name: Filipino Artist Guild

Artist Of the Month

We at Filipino Artist Guild really Appreciate All the Support to The Community as well us trusting us for this field of showcasing and helping Filipino Nft Creators and Talents To Explore what Near can Offer.

As we are getting bigger and learn more about Near Protocol we also Meet and Discover amazing Artist in the Community who dedicated and Support the Community.

This Forum post Is Our thread Of the Success and A thread to present to You Our Artist Of the Month since We started in Near Blockchain.

Artist Of the Month First Draft Overview
February Report Of the Artist Of the Month

@kc_sollano qouted
To Become Artist of the Month, they should be:
A positive role model who generously shares his/her talents and gives back to the community by sharing some WIPs of their project, interacts with other members and helps FAG to create better atmosphere for every individuals in every way, shape or form.

Below is Thread of our Past to Present Artist Of the Month. :blush::blush:


February Artists of the Month
Jeric Corpuz



Stephen Guash

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March Artist of the Month
Mary Razel

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May Artist of the Month
Quiapogi @quiapogi.near

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Mido Forbes
June Artist Of The Month


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July Artist of the Month

August Artist of the Month


September Artist of the Month

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